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When you don’t yet have the right fire protection systems in place, you frequently need a fire watch security guard. You will need a trustworthy fire watch security guard service if your alarm, fire extinguisher, or sprinkler system is not functioning properly. Regardless of whatever preventative measures you may have taken, a fire outburst can happen in any area or zone. Our onsite onboarding staff will set up personalized fire prevention patrols. We can create a strategy that is most suited to keeping local customers and property safe and informed. Also check out: Fire Watch Guards

There are several unique sites. Because of this, our guards must have a keen understanding of the specific requirements of each customer. A fire watch guard on patrol is nonetheless expected to do several regular duties while on duty.

Our guards on fire watch will:

Keep an eye out for fire signals, including smoke, rising temperatures, flames, or scents.

Determine any additional dangers that can endanger safety or make it more difficult for firefighting teams to respond to emergencies.

Ensure that there are no obstructions or other risks that might prohibit an evacuation by checking the exits.

Make sure the fire extinguishers are available and in good condition.

The 101 Life Safety Code of the National Fire Protection Association may mandate that business owners set up a fire watch. One or more people assigned to physically monitor a building or piece of property to look for fire threats are known as fire watches. This professionally trained security personnel may be needed in a variety of situations, such as:

  • “Hot Work,” such as working with open flames or welding damaged or frozen pipes
  • Equipment malfunctions, including sprinkler and fire alarm systems
  • Scheduled activities like inspections or routine maintenance
  • Disruptions in the flow of water
  • Power failures

Failure to follow local fire watch laws may result in penalties or possibly the closure of your business. Businesses should deal with security firms in their locations because regulations differ between jurisdictions.

24-Hour Fire Watch Services with Off Duty Officers

Off duty, officers are available with only one phone call when reputation and dependability are crucial. When you need them most, our crews may be sent anywhere in the country. The guards will be completely prepared when they arrive, so they can begin patrolling right away. This will cut down on the length of time your property is exposed to emergencies.

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