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Five ideas to pull off designer rugs in a stylish manner  


A rug can help keep your room space warm and cozy in the winter, and the cold floors, often seen as a problem in modern homes made of concrete, can be covered with thick and warm rugs. Designer rugs have taken the world of interior décor by storm owing to their uniqueness. Opting for designer rugs means aiming for the best, both in terms of the rug’s quality and appearance. 

Following are five ideas to pull off designer rugs in a stylish manner-

  1. Use the rug as a bedspread

A hand-woven rug that is prevalent with a bold design is one that can account for a great bed covering. You can place the rug over the top of the bed and fold it at the foot of your bed when you want to go to bed. 

If you have a space that is free from clutter, adding a bedspread rug looks excellent for the summer months. You can add a flat weave rug to the bed for a pop of colour and texture.

  1. You can use your rug on the wall. The rugs worldwide have been designed to work as an aesthetic. If you have oriental or antique Persian designer rugs, you can incorporate this design trend of using your rug on the wall. A rug which is colourful and vibrant can add energy to a room. You can use the rug, hang it on the wall unexpectedly, and style it according to your preference.
  1. Drape your rug over your sofa or drape it as a covering

We often think that our space is becoming outdated and crave a little change. However, sometimes, it is just not practical to change the entire look of the room just because it has now become boring. 

Sometimes, even a small change can change the look of your room and redefine the space. Draping a designer rug over a sofa can add a new visual element to your room. It can bring more vivid colours and patterns to the décor. 

All one has to do is drape it over the back of the chair and leave some material, handing down the back. This decorating approach can work wonders for you and change the look of your room entirely.

  1. Use multiple rugs by layering them one by one.

When multiple rugs are combined together, they create a look that completely stands out. It is a decorating approach that many people use. If you have a carpeted room, you might use a rug to design a dining area. If the designer rug in the sitting area is big enough, you can also add a second layer for a more complete look. 

  1. Make use of area rugs in the kitchen.

When it comes to open floor planning, you can tie two living spaces. You can make use of a rug for coordinating the dining room and your living room as well. You can do this by choosing a shared colour or a totally different colour in the same pattern!




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