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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Light Fixtures


Choosing the right kind of lights for your home is important but may not be an easy task. You must pay attention to some rules and factors like natural light, energy consumption, and areas that must be highlighted. If you are not sure about your choices, you should consult with a lighting expert. Also, you should explore options for Generation Lighting at Unionlighting.com, so you can make a guided purchase. Professional light designers can answer any questions you may have about lighting problems and mistakes to avoid. These mistakes include the following:

Picking the Wrong Light Fixture Size

If you want to buy new lighting fixtures for your home, you need to plan the purchase. The last thing you want is to buy a small chandelier and hang it over a big table. In this case, the area won’t get enough illumination or the right scale. So, before you buy a chandelier, ensure it is at least a foot smaller than the table’s width. Also, use the correct bulbs, so the space is illuminated properly. 

Installing Just a Source of Light

Having only one light source will leave other areas in your house dark while others end up being overly bright.  Uneven lighting can be tough on the eyes because they adjust to various light levels throughout the room. Work zones such as the kitchen or home office must be well lit, to make sure you do not make mistakes as you work. You can install a dimmer switch to keep things bright and create a good mood. Also, install three light layers: ambient, task, and accent lights because a combination of these lights will give the room sufficient illumination. 

Insufficient Lighting in Small Areas

Often, people do not illuminate small areas such as closets and pantries. An overhead light can produce dark areas and shadows and make it hard for you to find something. You can avoid this by installing the overhead lighting, along with under cabinet lets and LED strip lights to ensure things are visible. Cabinet lighting is functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Buying Any Beautiful Lamp You Can Find in Stores

It is important to plan your purchase, so you do not end up wasting electricity and giving a room poor illumination. Make sure to purchase only light fixtures that look great in your home and are functional. Overwhelming a room with lights is a no-no as it can only make the room irritating to the eye and unappealing. 

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