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Four Mistakes You Must Avoid When Redesigning or Redecorating Your Home


If you are like many people, you may decorate your own home and possibly mistakes in the process. Mistakes are unavoidable if you don’t have training in philadelphia interior design. You tend to bring just anything to your home thinking they are great for your living space or dining room. You do not have any plan or idea of what addition would fit a certain space in your home. 

Although home decorating is about what you like, there are elements of design you should consider. Elements such as color, lighting, scale, and placement will impact the look of your space. When designing or decorating your home, the following are mistakes you should avoid:

Not Having a Plan

When you rearrange or redecorate a room, you should evaluate the space first. Consider how you use this space, what you don’t like in it, what makes it difficult to update, and what you want to achieve. Each room has its unique issues and size constraints. To plan for your project, consider making sketches on paper and gather samples. Ensure every item you buy fits your plan. 

Not Taking Measurements

 A significant part of making a pleasing space is having all the elements be in the right scale and proportions. Taking measurements will help you prevent design mistakes before they occur. Keep in mind that you will consider more than just the size of the furniture. The space around the furniture is also an important consideration since it can affect appearance and function. Measuring will guide a lot of your purchases, particularly of bigger furnishings and rugs.

Not Prioritizing Function Over Form

White chairs and a pale rug look great when paired with a delicate glass coffee table. However, they are not a great addition to your living space if you have children. When you redecorate a room, your main priority is how you use it. Regardless of how pleasing the room looks, it is a waste of money and time if it does not fit your lifestyle. Focus on creating a practical design that works for how you and your family function. 

Not Paying Attention to Details

If you want your room or home to feel like your own instead of a showroom, pay attention to even the smallest details. You can apply uniqueness to a room through small things such as drawer knobs, curtain rod finials, or the extra sofa cushion.

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