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Four Reasons to Live in Laval, Quebec


Laval is situated around thirty minutes from the city of Montreal. It boasts abundant recreational attractions within a 20km radius. It is the ideal place for those who enjoy adventures, the outdoors, and spending time with the people they love. Because it is a child-friendly municipality, it is the best place for families to settle. Whether you are looking for a vacation house close to nature or experience the magic of staying on this beautiful island, Laval is an amazing city to search for your next home. There are several reasons to move in Laval including the following:

Promising Growth Rate

Laval is the 13th biggest city in Canada with a consistently increasing growth rate. And because it is close to Montreal, you are close enough to the city to get the full flavour of an international urban lifestyle with country living.  

Affordable Real Estate

Papachristou houses for sale in Laval can be as affordable as less than $200, depending on the size and features. Condominiums can cost something like $100, 000 less than they might in Montreal. And those near the fast-growing Montmorency metro station area can cost as little as $136, 000.


Montreal is home to many family-friendly destinations. There are many activities available that both adults and children can take part in. Also, Laval is a paradise for people with vehicles, making it easier to have a family there. In Laval, there is no yanking out parking and closing ramps to force people onto public transit. And if you love to shop, there are many nearby shopping establishments in Laval. Carrefour Laval is Quebec’s biggest shopping centre. And since you are not very far from Montreal, you can get the best of both worlds. If you love to play golf, you can enjoy communing with nature or enjoy a sumptuous meal at a great restaurant. Laval is a world-class community for families. 

Moreover, if you like to hunt and fish, you should go to Laval because the Route bleue des voyageurs trails are just waiting for you. Also, kayaking and canoeing are just around the corner. During the coldest months of the year, people in Laval enjoy the outdoors by skiing and skating.

Wild West Opportunity

Laval still has an air of wild-west opportunity where things are expected to grow and thrive. It houses attractions that include Cosmodome, baseball batting cages, Centropolis, nightlife hot spots, and strip clubs. 

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