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Different Types of Pool Finishes and Their Benefits


After installing that amazing pool of your fantasies, you have to decide on the type of finish to enhance the overall effect. With that in mind, this post delineates the different types of pool finishes you can choose from and explains the importance of each. While deciding on the type of finish, keep in mind certain aesthetic factors, like the design of the poolscape, the type of property, the size and quality of the area where the pool has been constructed and more.

Let’s now shed some light on the different types of pool finishes you can opt for:

Aggregate pool finishes

This trendy pool finish takes the conventional plaster finish a notch higher. Its aesthetic appeal surpasses that of traditional plaster finishes, which is the key reason for its popularity. Crafty pebbles, quartz ceramic crystals, colourful stones and various other materials are cemented together to create a chic and trendy look. The result not only appears aesthetically pleasant but also quite luxurious to the onlookers. If you’re planning to make your pool look and feel different from the traditional ones, the aggravate finish You may also consider reviewing summer waves pools if you’re planning to install an above ground pool instead of in-ground.

Tile-based pool finishes

The tile finish is both aesthetically amazing and highly durable. If you’re looking for a solution that will last you quite some years without frequent repairs, you should go for a tile-based pool finish. Choose from the range of design the pool contractor offers you or you can find your own by looking it up on the internet. Experienced pool builders like the Constructeur Piscine De Mone can give you several attractive ideas to match the exteriors of your house and the pool area with its finish. It’s best to combine your ideas and design a pool that looks and feels just great.

If you are opting for a tile finish, you should know that there are three main varieties of tiles as follow:

  • Quartz tiles – Prepared by mixing crushed quartz, white cement and some pigment, this pool finish will make your swimming pool exude a sense of aristocracy. It refracts light the most, giving your pool a shimmering appearance. The pigment added to the blend will enhance the colour of the water in your pool, so choose them accordingly.
  • Glass tiles – The glass tiles are both heat and UV resistant, making them highly effective as a pool finish. However, one should take care while installing the glass tiles, as if broken or improperly installed, it may lead to severe accidents.
  • StoneScape or PebbleTec – While PebbleTec has been here for years, StoneScape is a pretty new concept. The key differences are in costs and versatility. If you want a versatile finish, no matter what the expenses are, PebbleTec is your best bet.

Are you having trouble deciding? Ask your pool builder to help you out!

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