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Gas and Induction Hob for Effortless Cooking


In induction hob, electrical induction is used instead of thermal conduction. The state of the art, electric hob comes with innovative features for quick, effortless cooking. Make sure the cooking utensils are made of ferromagnetic metal like stainless steel or cast iron. Copper or aluminum vessel will not conduct the heat unless it is coated with magnetic metal on the base. Gas and induction hob combined Singapore come in a variety of designs and styles crafted from stainless steel to elegant, unbreakable glass.

Smart and effective

In induction, electromagnetic energy is used to heat the cooking vessel directly. While in gas or electric stove through a burner or heating element, the heat is conveyed. The electromagnetic force activates atom in the stainless steel or cast iron cooking vessel to generate heat. An induction cooktop or hob is an electromagnet; inside the shield, there is electronically controlled copper wire. When you switch on the hob, electricity flow through the copper coil to generate magnetic field. A changing electric current produce a pulsating, variable a magnetic field, which indirectly produces heat. An induction hob generates a changing magnetic field; it does not produce heat directly.

Dependability and sturdiness 

Induction hubs have numerous advantages over traditional cooking methods. Induction cooking is more energy-efficient, saving 70% energy consumption, as 90% of the heat energy produced is feed into the cooking vessel through inside. This lowers the cooking time significantly and reduces power consumption. There is no naked flame in the hob, which can cause potential burn or fire. As soon the cooking vessel is removed from the cooktop, the production of heat ceases.

Food and vessels heat up faster, and cools down quicker; this is particularly advantageous while preparing different delicious cuisines. The integral Pan Detection System identifies, whenever a vessel is put on it, eliminating the chance of turning on the heat. The induction hob only heats the pan, not the kitchen temperature. The heat is directed to the cooking vessel only and does dissipate in surrounding air.

Innovative features

The elegant glass top is starch resistant. A timer is incorporated in the hob, to the tune of a maximum 99minutes, after the specific time it automatically shuts off the induction hub. The residual heat indicator will glow unless the surface cool to a safe temperature. The Eco Booster feature cooks food, and boil water, consuming less energy. This feature maximizes heat to bring the pot to a boiling point, and then reduce it to shimmering. You can activate the child lock to avert any change in the cooking process.


Induction hobs can achieve a wide range of temperatures and cook faster than any other cooking method. Induction hobs deliver approximately 80% to 90% of electromagnetic energy into the food, while gas oven converts 38% of the power, and electric ovens 70%.The hob’s surface does not get heated while cooking, so you need not worry about burning your hand. It is important to remember though the hob does not get heated, but the vessel certainly does.


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