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Guide to Bifold Doors – How to Choose the Right One?


Doors and windows are an important feature of your home and exert a huge influence on its overall appearance. When you are designing your home or thinking about making renovation, bifold doors are a great option. They are equipped with a series of panels ranging between two and seven and fold back on themselves. You can slide the doors easily to open them.

Reasons to choose Bifold doors:

  • Options to choose between many materials. You can choose large glass panels, if you want more light in or go for solid material like wood if you seek more privacy.
  • Occupies less space than other conventional door options and works great even when there is less interior spacing
  • Deliver seamless indoor-outdoor transition
  • Great for connecting smaller spaces and splitting large spaces
  • Makes the space look cosier and more intimate.
  • Light-weight and easy to maintain
  • Long-lasting powder-coated finish

Consult an expert if you are considering installing bifold doors. They’ll let you know the ideal areas to use bifold doors and appropriate frame size needed. There are different style options available to choose from. Before proceeding with the door selection, take into consideration the following factors:

Reputation of brand:

Bifold doors involve design, choice of hardware, engineering precision and performance. Purchase only from reputable UK brands. Visit www.bifoldingdoorfactory.co.uk for bifold doors and installation. With over 200 colour options they are the go-to choice for UK residents due to their professional services. Their installers make sure the doors are fitted just right.

Door material:

You have a choice between uPVC, aluminium, steel and wood. uPVC is available in dark grey or black finishes and is a budget-friendly option but it can flex/ distort over time which hinders its performance in the long-run. Wooden frames work great for period homes, but require more maintenance and tend to be heavy. Aluminium is quite durable and requires less maintenance.


Experts recommend double glazing to single glazing due to its energy-conservation benefits. Double glazed bifold doors provide better insulation and keep you warm during cold weather. Look for bifold doors with U-values 1.8w/sqmK or lower to conserve more energy.


You can add screens to bifold doors to adjust the lighting according to your mood. If you want to shut out the light, you can use curtains or venetian blinds as add-ons. If you find curtains to block the view, you can opt for venetian blinds to enjoy great outdoor views whilst keeping insects away.


Avoid deciding purely based on price since more often price is a reflection of quality. At the same time, you don’t have to choose the most-expensive option available. Compare pricing from few shortlisted reputable bifold manufacturers before making a purchase.

You can talk to your bifold door manufacturer about other functional add-ons like casing, doorstop and trims. These don’t come along with your bifold door package, but result in a more professional look. These versatile and stylish doors relay an uninterrupted outdoor view, boosts security and energy efficiency at a reasonable price.

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