Hiring Moving Company in Singapore – A Solution To Our Problem!


We rarely move from one place to another. For us, choosing a new home comes with plenty of responsibilities and tasks that are burdensome to carry. While my wife and I have no sons and daughters (yet), relocating to a new home was a daunting journey for us in the past few months. From packing our belongings to finding cheap movers and storage space in Singapore, it was a roughly 30-day period for us.

When Moving Becomes Stressful

I remember that it was such a stressful time. Hence we decided to make a few compromises, such as delaying our moving day for a week because we haven’t sorted out anything yet. I have to admit that it was our first-time experience as we don’t often tend to switch places now and then. Thus it becomes such a stressful ordeal for us as a newlywed couple.

The idea of moving out to a different place was exciting at first. You wouldn’t think about all the stressful things that will get to you later on and the idea of opting for a moving company in Singapore to help you along the way. But once the bills and the overwhelming tasks of packing everything up and changing your address can get the best of you. Balancing things might sound like easy advice to give, but once you’re in such a situation, you will have a bit of a panic attack along the way.

From finding the best packing technique to outsourcing a disposal service in Singapore, we think about multiple things at the same time. I find it quite amusing and heavy at the same time to think I was already easily overwhelmed by things and how I am losing track of priorities.

One helpful thing that got us along the way was to sort things out with a checklist (which we did later on and with regret that I didn’t do that part earlier) and find a professional moving service. Hiring a professional moving company in Singapore was a lifesaver for us. Since then, we have become more confident through the moving process.

Hiring Professional Movers

Our experience with Yi Yun Movers was incredibly pleasant while moving to our new flat. The staff were friendly and helpful with us. They even gave us a few pieces of advice along the way. The assessment was quick, and pricing was indeed more fair than I would have expected at first. The moving company staff were professionals in organising things and themselves, and they were efficient in helping us transport our items to our new home.

Not to mention, their movers were also extremely careful with handling our items, especially those wrapped ceramic figurines that we have. The team accomplished everything orderly and quickly from start to finish, and I have no complaints about their response and service!

I would personally recommend hiring a professional moving company, such as Yi Yun Movers if you’re planning to move to a new HDB or apartment! They have a decent value-to-price ratio and are overall professional and helpful moving company in Singapore. They are indeed worth hiring!

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