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How I Prepared for Aircon Servicing in Singapore


I only moved into my first condo a year ago, and when I hit the one-year mark, I knew I had to book an appointment for my aircon’s first maintenance check. I’ve never had to call for aircon services in Singapore before since my unit has been fine since I first bought it. However, my mom told me that I had to get it professionally cleaned with a chemical wash at least once a year to improve its lifespan. That way, I wouldn’t waste money buying a new one too quickly.

While I regularly clean my aircon every few weeks or so, I know that a chemical wash is necessary so that an aircon specialist can clean all the parts I can’t reach when I wash it. To make the appointment as smooth as possible, I did the following before the aircon servicing appointment in Singapore.

What I Did Before Calling Aircon Services

First, I wanted to ensure I was getting the best deal. Before deciding on any aircon service company to call, I compared prices and services. I needed aircon servicing at a low price in Singapore and didn’t care for ones that offered extravagant or complicated services; after all, I only wanted a regular maintenance check.

I wanted our communication to be clear once someone from the aircon services from Singapore answered the phone, so I listed down any information they might need. For example, I listed my unit’s brand, model, and age. I also checked the air conditioner for any symptoms of other issues. If I encountered a problem with the aircon, I could hit two birds with one stone and get it cleaned and repaired in one appointment.


What I Did Before Aircon Services Arrived

I wanted to make sure the aircon servicing appointment in Singapore was hassle-free for both sides, so I prepared what I could. I ensured that nothing was blocking the way going towards the aircon, both inside and outside. Inside the condo, no chairs should bar the way towards the unit. The outside portion of my aircon is on my balcony, so I moved any potted plants that could be blocking the way.

I also wanted to ask the aircon technician some questions about aircon maintenance once they arrive, so I can take better care of it in the future and continue avoiding severe or dangerous problems with my unit. Before aircon services in Singapore came, I wrote down the questions I wanted to ask the most. I also kept the list handy when the appointment began and asked my questions so I could take notes of their answers when given to me.

If you need cheap aircon servicing in Singapore, Jetstyle Aircon has you covered. Whether you need a chemical wash or troubleshoot an issue, they’ll help keep your aircon in top shape. They can also service commercial air conditioning units for your business office or retail store. For more information on their aircon services or promotions, contact Jetstyle Aircon today.

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