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How often should we paint the exterior of our home?


Many factors need to be considered when you are determining about repainting the exterior of your home. The quality of paint which are been used previously will make a significant difference in deciding to repaint. On average the exterior of the home should be repainted anywhere between 5 to 7 years. This also depends on the materials which are been used. Check the guide below to whether your home exterior needs repainting. You can also visit oahupropainters.com for more details.

Wood siding

Wood siding is the material that needs to be repainted more frequently. You should keep an eye on the signs for repainting when the paint is worn out as wood is more susceptible to rot.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is very durable and will last a long time on the home exterior. You can refresh the paint for keeping the surface which can look clean and new.


The brick exterior needs to be professionally washed every couple of years. Every 3 to 5 years the brick exterior would require a fresh coating. The paint will block the porous surface but there are chances that the moisture will seep through the mortar. As the majority of the surface is been blocked so the moisture will have no way to escape, this will lead to the breakdown of the brick. It is very difficult to maintain the brick so it is important that you can contact professionals for various possible maintenance options.

What to look for in Professional Painter?

If you want to extend the life of your paint then ensure that the exterior of your home will look fresh and the materials underneath are been protected. It is very important to hire a professional painting contractor. The paint quality will make a huge difference between repainting your house.

Weather will also affect the exterior painting drastically. When you will not handle this incorrect way then you can end up wasting a lot of money and time. And this will also end up in the poorly painted exterior. Various factors need to be considered like the kind of paint which are being used effectively for combating the elements. The preparation of home before the paint will also affect a lot. Because of all this, it is very crucial to leave the exterior paint up to the professionals. A professional painter will deliver a high quality result to the final product.

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