How to Buy Luxury Door Hardware?


Are you bored and want to start a home improvement project for your house to spice it up? Or maybe you are building a new home, so you are looking into stylish door hardware options. Nothing stains the rooms of your house worse than the old-fashioned, rusty and dusty handle knobs and levers, so why not go for luxury door hardware?

Luxury door hardware provides your home doors with a classic edge of elegance. Unlike commercial door hardware, luxury leather handles and door hardware are built to give your house a polished and sharp look. Although the style, finish, and material of the high-end door hardware may vary, the definition of quality and artistry does not.

Here are some tips for buying luxury door hardware:


Before purchasing anything, measure your door first, so you won’t find yourself perplexed when installing your new door hardware. Measure from the middle of the doorknob hole to the side of the door frame to determine the height of the door set. Usually, the door set inside that controls the latch should be 2 3/8 inches or 2 3/4 inches. Almost all current doorknobs should fit under these criteria.

Finish and Material

Brass, white porcelain, cut glass, wood, and Victorian bronze paired with leather handles are just a few door hardware materials.  To choose the best finish for your home, remember the other metal furnishings you have and the age and aesthetic of your house. If you are concerned about door handles wearing out, you can also choose from lacquered brass, solid black, and polished chrome.


The more popular choice is tubular latches that can be easily installed with a drilled hole. You can attach a lock feature with a thumb turn or button on the handle, or by a different deadbolt.

Mortise locks and latches are more durable and costly, with a big steel box to fit inside the door pocket. If there is an incorporated lock, it is usually controlled by a cam that retracts the latch. These locks are typically used on older entrances and modern, high-end homes with an antique style.

Knobs or Levers

Doorknobs installed with latches function by turning the knob, which pulls the cylinder it sits on in the direction of the turn. You can even buy spindles to fix integrated dead knobs on drawers or any door where knobs are not designed to turn.

From a functional point of view, there are benefits to levers since they are simpler to use for people with low hand strength or for when you are carrying multiple items. The door lever ensures that you can never hit your knuckles on the door frame while using the handle, except in the tightest range lock situations.


The hinges are the fixtures used to fasten the door to its frame and are the pivot point for the movement of the door. Many doors are attached to the door frame using butt hinges with visible knuckles.

There are no particular rules and guidelines for choosing luxury door hardware for your home renovation. Luxury hardware manufacturers make it possible for you to choose between a wide variety of different materials. There are metals, leather, luxurious woods, and many others to guarantee that your door hardware makes the best impression. No matter what type you pick, your visitors will notice the impact that new door hardware offers your house.

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