Significance of Lighting and How to Light Your Home Appropriately


The city of Canberra is known as the largest inland city in Australia and is located at the north-most end of the Australian Capital Territory. A lot of people choose to live in the capital city of Australia because it’s one of the most economical cities in the country. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra has a population of approximately 196,037 and 82,693 private dwellings.

If you happen to be a homeowner or planning to build a home in Canberra, then make sure to read on. This article will discuss the significance of lighting Canberra homes and how to light yours appropriately.

Why is Lighting Significant?

One of the primary purposes of lighting is to illuminate specific parts of the home (both interior and exterior) when natural light brought about by the sun is not enough anymore. Lighting is significant, especially in Canberra, because of its geographical location and climate.

According to an article by the New World Encyclopedia, Canberra experiences dark winters and heavy fogs because of its elevation, latitude, and distance from the Australian coast. Therefore, proper lighting is needed to ensure well-lit rooms so that tasks can still be done inside the home.

Illumination is not the only purpose of lighting because, with the right placement and proper usage, it can bring significant advantages and benefits, which include the following:

Affects the Body’s Physiological Processes 

The body’s circadian rhythm or cycle is crucial because it influences the sleep patterns, digestive processes, and even temperature regulation. Additionally, the circadian rhythm is heavily influenced by light reception.

Lighting in the home is significant because it can affect your wakefulness, regulate your hunger, and temperature. In geographical areas, such as Canberra, wherein heavy rainfall can occur in addition to dark winters, lighting is essential to ensure that bodily processes are well-regulated when natural light is insufficient.

Mood Improvement

According to an article by ArchDaily, studies have shown that appropriate amounts of light can significantly improve energy levels as well as mood. On the other hand, poor lighting can cause decreased energy levels, deficiencies in bodily processes, and even contribute to depression.

During the summer season, living in Canberra can be uncomfortable and can negatively affect your mood because of intense heat. Even at night, the temperatures can still be hot and dry. During these periods, the last thing you want is poor lighting, because it can further aggravate your negative mood. This is why lighting Canberra homes is essential.

How to Light Your Home Appropriately

Lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of home design, and this shouldn’t be the case. Below are some of the lighting structures or objects that can be used to light your home.

Pendant Lights. These lights are perfect for areas wherein people usually gather, such as the kitchen, living room, or dining room. Because of its design, it ensures that adequate light is provided to everyone.

Ceiling Lights. These lights are a significant component of hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Make sure to consider ceiling height so that you can select the brightness or intensity of the ceiling light.

Outdoor Lights. Nights in Canberra can often be too dark, which can affect the safety and security of people that stay outdoors temporarily. Outdoor lighting can provide adequate lighting to improve safety.

Wall Lighting. This light is a form of accent lighting. It is significant because it helps in highlighting particular elements of your home, which include the interiors, paintings, and furniture. It helps in improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

Lighting plays a crucial role because of the environment it creates inside and outside your home. Illumination can help in creating and defining the ambience of the house for you and your loved ones.

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