How to choose a greenhouse for your backyard


Growing vegetables or plants in your backyard can be a pretty great hobby for those who own a greenhouse kit. Because it helps to keep the plants grow at a moderate rate or level as well. If you are new and you have interest in having a greenhouse of your choice in your backyard then there are few tips that can help you create a suitable greenhouse. Special attention is to be given to the greenhouse because it might turn out to be a long-term investment.  The location of a greenhouse is as important as selecting the appropriate materials and seeds for the plants to grow. 

 How to choose a greenhouse 

Following are few tips you all must follow while choosing a greenhouse for your backyard. You can opt to know more details. 

  • Solar radiation or site selection 

If your greenhouse is closer to your home then you are going to use it a lot more. The availability of water and electricity connection is also very important in terms of the site of a greenhouse. Make sure that your greenhouse is situated at a corner where sunlight is sufficient to reach out to the plants. We know that plants and vegetables require sunlight to initiate the process of sunlight. Without lights flowers and plants cannot grow easily. 

  • Water 

Water access is very important for your greenhouse. How? You require 10,000 gallons of water for evaporation cooling and apart from this you must mix the nutrients with one gallon of water and pour it out to all the plants. You can also recycle the nutrient water as well. But before you pour down the water make sure there is little or no salt present inside. Thus water analysis for salt and ph is essential for your greenhouse plants. 


  • Elevation 


If you are living on a place where there is high altitude then follow few tips. The first important thing during cold days you can do is to place plastic jugs around the plant. This way the water will retain the heat during the day and will hold at night when it’s pretty cold and long. Second, placing a thermostat is very important around the plant because it shows a drop in temperature during cold nights. These few tips are going to help your plants grow well during cold nights or during the months of winters.

  • Glazing 

There are folks who don’t know well about glazing. It is more like a covering around the greenhouse of yours. The purpose of glazing is to let the sunlight and warmness inside the greenhouse. Glass is an example but it is pretty expensive. You can use plastic sheets as well but these defoliate quickly and a lot faster. To avoid both you can use polycarbonate as well. It is much lighter in weight as compared to glass and you can place it around the greenhouse frame to let abundant sunlight into the greenhouse. It is also inexpensive as compare to glass.

  • Shading 

Too much of everything is harmful. Thus same goes for sunlight or extreme warmness. Sometimes the greenhouse is centered directly over the spot where sunlight is going to hit at its peak. We don’t want our plants to burn up therefore shade are important in the form of wood or aluminum sheets or you can use polypropylene shade cloth. This way sufficient amount of sunlight will be directed towards the plants and the plants will stay as warm but safe from getting destroyed by the harsh uv rays. This confirms the importance of shade for your greenhouse.


  • Ventilation 


Ventilation is very important because there are super chances that the plants might get too hot during cold weather as well. For easy access you can install a fan which will circulate the air thoroughly around the room. But if you can afford you can install electricity-sensitive hydraulic vents that open and close automatically and pass out air evenly through the whole greenhouse. 

  • Pest control 

Cleanliness of your greenhouse starts even before you place plants. Once you bring in the plants make sure you check that the plants are all bug-free. This way the plants will stay free of disease or danger as well. 

  • Accessories 

Apart from frame and shade you need certain other accessories to complete the greenhouse process. You need a tool rack to align all the instruments or tools properly. Apart from this you need an automatic ventilation system or you can use fan as well. When all the accessories are stored in you are all set to run your greenhouse in your backyard. 


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