Top 10 New Garden Gadgets You Must Have


Our future is still reshaping, and cutting-edge advancements aren’t only to be found in the digital industry, on the contrary, it’s in the landscape as well. Gardening is placed on a whole new level. Nowadays, there are numerous means and smart garden gadgets that homeowners can utilize to quickly and easily maintain their gardens. There are plenty of gardeners who are eagerly waiting for new sprucing advancements and garden gadgets that will make burdensome gardening tasks easier. Most of these contemporary technological changes in the field of landscaping will even add some fun to this hobby and help your garden thrive. Here are the top 10 new garden gadgets that every keen gardener ought to have.

  1. A smart garden camera

Watch your blooms flourish, your plants thrive, and your garden wake up in the spring. With a cutting-edge smart time-lapse digital camera, you can now capture vivacious images at intervals from one minute to every 24 hours. One such camera is the Brinno GardenWatchCam with 1,3 megapixel and a lens that adjust from 20 inches to amazing close-ups, and the best thing is that it runs on only four AA batteries. This camera can be utterly practical for gardeners as they can track and monitor the garden’s progress and marvel at its achievements.

  1. A cutting-edge power hose

Durable, flexible, and sleek. Most retractable garden hoses are like this. But if you are looking to buy innovative retractable hose reels, you need something even more over the top. With a modern retractable hose reel, you would get an utterly powerful gardening tool that will help you sprinkle the whole garden in a matter of minutes, and the hose would neatly return to the station. Tailored to fit any garden space, you can switch between 8 different spray settings with a simple flow control of your thumb. Not only that but the locking mechanism secures the hose at any length preventing any tangles.

  1. Fancy sprinkle controls

If you are not fond of old-fashion sprinkling systems though, there is something for nerds as well. An intelligent spring-loaded system that can assess your soil type, climate, plant plan, and even weather in order to determine the most ideal watering solution. Sounds neat, right? The smart sprinkling system contains high-end technology that prevents watering during rainfall or subzero temperatures. Everything is controlled by your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Amazing tiny smart pollinator

Bees, butterflies, and other amazing insects are vital garden features as they pollinate plants and crops. As it’s utterly vital that fruits and vegetables get pollinated so they would thrive, the pollination should be strong. One smart gadget or a vibrating pollinator device that does the work instead of bees. It bristles or imitates the sounds of the high-frequency vibrations of the winds of a bee during pollination enabling you to later use a spoon and go from flower to flower to do the rest of the part. Challenging but nifty.

  1. A robot mower

Lawn mowing is a demanding, tiresome, and lengthy chore. The constant workload and daily activities prevent homeowners to mow the lawn more frequently or minimize the time spend on doing it. Grass tends to grow differently in various seasons, but if you are overburdened with other chores, especially in spring or summertime, you ought to have a smart machine that will take some burden off your back. Luckily, there exist Robotic Lawn Mowers that help you finish the mowing task in a blink of an eye. These smart garden gadgets or robotic lawnmowers work automatically, they use special sensors to move around your garden and cut grass neatly. Dock themselves if there’s rain and when the job is complete.

  1. A tech-savvy fertilizer calculator

Another smart helping tool is a fertilizer calculator. Even though it’s actually an app, this fantastic calculator will save you time (and your garden) and work towards helping you get adequate fertilizers for your garden. It will calculate exactly how many bags of fertilizers you would need to cover your garden and give you all the answers to garden troubles such as why the plants turn yellow, what nutrients to use as a cure, etc.

  1. A sprucing solar light

Energy-efficient, maximally environmentally friendly, and a completely frugal garden gadget are solar lighting. Besides beautifully illuminating your garden pathways, patio, or terrace, solar-powered garden lights are practical and ultra-energy efficient. Nowadays, you can even install an app to use and control your solar lights, but anyhow they are an amazing feature of your lovely garden.

  1. Soil thermometer

By precisely knowing the temperature of your garden’s soil, you will be able to know when to plant new seeds and which type of seeds fits the exact part of your garden soil. This seemingly small device is an extremely vital garden gadget that will give you clear insight into when the soil is at the right temperature so you could germinate vegetable and flower seeds. Having a useful soil temperature thermometer will guide you through spring planting. All you need to do is insert the probe into the ground and wait for a readout at the display.

  1. Wireless rain gauge

Another quite beneficial home garden gadget is a rain gauge. There’s no denying that rainfall is a crucial component of outdoor gardening, and for that matter, keen gardeners need to know the exact rainfall in inches or centromeres of how much water their plants would receive. A smart wireless rain gauge operates alone, measures precipitation, and stores all the vital information that you can use in the future. This helps you compare month to month or annually, and determine how much rain to expect and at what time.

  1. Smart pop-up plant covers

Create a smart mini-greenhouse that will maximally protect your plants against hazardous weather, especially during freezing temperatures and wind by using nifty plant covers. Nowadays, there are plenty of variations to these products, but most of them are around 16 inches tall and around 16 inches in diameter, which helps plants to grow around 28% faster. They are placed over the plant and anchored to the ground, it enables warm air to escape through the mesh to prevent overheating.

All of these smart garden gadgets are an absolute must-have because they would totally ease up the outdoor work and help you keep up with the landscaping trends.

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