How To Create A West Indies Kitchen


Various homeowners who are planning a kitchen remodeling project often hit a roadblock when selecting a design that they want to implement in the room. Some people choose to go for a contemporary design that shows the kitchen’s functionality using modern technology. In contrast, others select a traditional plan that emphasizes the timeless and elegant elements of the room.

Accordingly, several people eye for a specific kitchen style, which may be within their house’s theme. Homeowners want their houses to be distinguishable from others. Thus, they choose an excellent and unique theme option for their homes.

If you want to go for a light summer and island vibe, you may select a kitchen style with a tropical theme touch. The West Indies style is one of the most popularly incorporated themes with a tropical vibe. It is derived from a mix of different tropical cultures, particularly those from the Caribbean, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and China, combined with a European influence.

However, choosing this theme needs more understanding. You need to learn about the background of the West Indies to know which elements you should put in your kitchen to implement the tropical theme in the area properly. Kitchen remodeling companies in Mission Viejo can help you remodel your kitchen to have the West Indies vibe you are eyeing for.

Consequently, kitchen remodeling companies in Lake Forest would also help you know which elements of decorative West Indies design to introduce in your kitchen. It could include furniture with tropical carvings and artistic pottery, tropical-style cabinetry, and a granite countertop.

It is best to remember that wood is a critical component to put in your kitchen to make it look more tropical. You may consider choosing furniture which is made from Cherrywood or Mahogany. Subsequently, you may also choose other types of wooden furniture, such as those made from Elm, Cedar, and Walnut, which are sunbaked and has vibrant wooden colors.

Homeowners renovating or remodeling their kitchens typically follow or use home design trends. However, before implementing the chosen theme, one must learn its background and what elements should be present in the room to make the theme more visible. This infographic of Mr. Cabinet Care details which aspects of West Indies design should be present in a tropical-themed kitchen.

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