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Mortgage Brokers: Explained


It truly is a surprise how much mystery and confusion there is around mortgage brokers. Perhaps it is because they play the most vital role in a person’s significant milestone in life: buying a house. Of course, these questions and wonders about mortgage brokers are valid. Everyone wants to get to know more about a person that they’ll be working with, right? That’s the number one rule in being safe.

Now, the concept of mortgaging seems intimidating for starters. There’s so much to unpack about the subject. However, let us start by defining the key players of the field: mortgage brokers.

 What is the role of a mortgage broker?

Pretend you’re having a tour around your most favorite country in the world. If you do everything by yourself – the research and planning – you wouldn’t really appreciate the culture and environment around you. You’ll be so engrained in making your trip the best trip you’ve ever done that you’ve forgotten to enjoy your experience. However, if you have a tour guide, you simply need to live in the moment and adore the world around you.

In essence, the tour guide is just like a mortgage broker. They’ll introduce you to the best rates that you probably wouldn’t discover by yourself. They’ll handle all the micromanaging tasks while you simply sit back and wait for them to notify you once they find a suitable mortgage deal.  Most importantly, their knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry will help you make the process of buying your home easier.  Just like tour guides, mortgage brokers act as the bridge that will connect you to the things that will best suit your interests and needs.

How does a mortgage broker make his money?

Mortgage brokers get a cut for every successful purchase that their clients will make. It’s similar to how social media influencers earn by endorsing a company’s product. They will share their affiliate links to their audience and for every purchase that will be made through that link, the celebrity gets a percentage. But instead of affiliate links, mortgage brokers earn through commissions. If they manage to convince a homebuyer to purchase a mortgage deal, then they will get a cut from the sale.

However, sometimes homebuyers can pay the mortgage brokers themselves. This rarely happens but it is possible.

Should I get a mortgage broker?

If it is your first time to purchase a house, then the most likely answer is yes. This is because the industry is sometimes too competitive and overwhelming for you to handle alone. In fact, even if you allocate enough time and effort in researching, you still can’t find the best deal for you. That is where mortgage brokers come into play. They are professionals that require skill and knowledge of the field to be licensed. So, you don’t have to worry that much. Although there has been some scrutiny from the market, there are amazing brokers out there waiting to be discovered. It may take a few trials to land on the perfect mortgage broker for you, but once you do, it will be worth every second of your time.

Can I get multiple mortgage brokers at once?

Technically, yes. In fact, that would double the chances of you finding the best deal in a short period of time. But be very mindful when doing so. There are instances where you are required to pay for an appraisal fee if you get far enough into the process. If you don’t want to bombard yourself with financial obligations, then be extra cautious when talking to more than mortgage brokers more website.

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