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How to Detect and Prevent hidden pipe Leaks in Houston


If the tap is leaking, it is clear where the damage is. But if a dark water stain gradually stains the room wall, the damage can be in many places in the house. This article shows you how to prevent a pipe break and when an expert plumbers in Houston has to help.

Dripping tap and damaged cartridge

The causes are either a defective cartridge or leaky rotary valves. For a skilled handyman, it shouldn’t be a problem to replace the seals or install a new tap. If the tap no longer drips, the problem is usually solved.

Hidden pipe breaks in the bathroom and kitchen

Detecting hidden pipe breaks requires an expert Houston Plumber. If the bathroom or kitchen is suddenly underwater, the actual cause does not exist here.

The defective point in the pipeline can be anywhere in the house. Therefore, the search for the leak and its removal are so costly that do-it-yourselfers are overwhelmed.

Damage to the drinking water pipe

It is easy to detect damage to the drinking water line. You can hear flowing sounds, and the escaping water is clear and noticeable.

To find the faulty location here, the installer must uncover and inspect the pipe system. He does this in an easily accessible area. For example, it can be under the bathtub or on the plinth in the bathroom to cause little damage. 

If he doesn’t find anything there, the plumber has to keep opening. Of course, it is challenging to check pipes behind tiles and screed

Breakage in the used water pipe is painful to detect

They usually don’t show up immediately. You must observe whether something has changed in your environment. Does the water leak even after a long absence? Is it dirty and smells? Are there spots when it rained?

From such information, plumbing companies in Houston can conclude where the damage comes from. For example, if a wet spot appears on the ceiling after guests have left, experienced installers will recognize a possible connection with a damaged sewage pipe. 

How to prevent pipe breaks

The pipe system always strives for a natural balance. This occurs when water is drawn continuously from all taps. This is often no longer the case if only one or two people live in the house instead of a large family. The risk of a pipe break then increases.

Anyone who builds or modernizes a house can do a great deal at the planning stage to minimize the risk of future pipe bursts. The risk of pipe damage increases with the complexity of the installation. A well-thought-out room arrangement in the new building offers the possibility of keeping cable lengths short.

Finally, to be able to react quickly in the event of damage, accessible pipelines are of considerable advantage. Unfortunately, in private households, pipes are currently almost exclusively installed under screed or in the walls behind tiles where they are difficult to reach.

It would be better to lay it in accessible places wherever possible, for example under the basement ceiling or behind removable panels.

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