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How To Maintain Your Awning In Singapore In Its Best Condition


Getting an awning in Singapore is one of the best investments for your home and outdoor area, considering the hot, tropical weather across the country. Generally, it comes in specialty fabrics of polyester, PVC coated mesh, acrylic, or polyester.

Before hiring an awning contractor in Singapore, you should know how to maintain the condition and colours of your sun shade.


If you own a fixed or retractable awning in Singapore, buying a soft-bristled brush is the secret! On a weekly basis, brush off loose dirt, debris, cobwebs, and dead leaves from the surface.


Using a hose, dampen the surface of your awning in Singapore to rinse off any other particles and residues left after brushing. It is to ensure that your awning is 100% clean.


To maintain your awning in tip-top condition, you must use mild cleaners and warm water to scrub the surface. AVOID using bleach or detergents with chemical solutions as this can wash off the colour of your sun shade.


After rain or washing, allow your awning in Singapore to dry off all excess water entirely before you retract it. Although the water will not ruin the fabric, it can still provoke mould and mildew from building up.


Regularly observe and inspect your awning, especially the fabric, frame, wall mount, and arms. Also, check for any possible tears and rips in the material. If you suspect any maintenance issue, call your awning contractor in Singapore immediately.

An awning in Singapore makes a significant asset to your home. It can also benefit you if you like spending time hanging out, reading books, or meditating outdoors. If you can manage and do these five things, then that only means you can maintain your sun shelter in its best condition.

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