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Interpretation of Air Conditioning


A/c can be specified as the therapy of indoor air in order to manage particular conditions needed for human comfort. The desirable conditions may be temperature level, dirt fragment level, humidity, smell degree, as well as air movement.

It is understood that the physical properties of air can be managed by cooling, humidification, heating, as well as dehumidification. These processes may be utilized to keep detailed conditions desirable for convenience. Thus, simultaneous control of temperature level, air motion, moisture, as well as cleanliness is known as air conditioning.

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Factors Affecting Cooling:

The process of air conditioning in the amphitheater, home, office complex, as well as class, is meant for preserving convenience problems for owners.

The four essential aspects of convenience conditioning are to be observed as well as preserved:

  • Moisture,
  • Temperature Level,
  • Purity, as well as
  • Air motion.


Moisture control suggests a rise or a decrease in dampness material inside the room to be air-conditioned. It is required not only for human convenience but likewise to raise functioning ability. In the summertime, the relative humidity should be 60%, and in the winter season, it should be 40%.

Temperature Level:

The control of temperature is necessary for cooling. Even though the outside temperature level is varying, the indoor temperature level is maintained to be consistent, which is the wanted problem. The warmth may be either eliminated or added to the conditioned area depending upon the surrounding conditions. The person might feel comfy when the temperature is 20° C, as well as moisture, which is 60%.


It is one of the most important aspects which affect air conditioning. In addition to the control of temperature level as well as humidity for human comfort, it is needed to clean the air, i.e., to make the indoor air devoid of dirt, dust, as well as odor. It is needed that proper filtration, as well as the filtration of air, need to be done as well as the supply of air devoid of dust and dirt that need to be made in an air-conditioned room.

Air Motion

Air activity or the correct flow of air is also a variable impacting human convenience. In order to maintain a continuous temperature level throughout the conditioned space, it is required that there needs to be equal circulation of conditioned air in the space. The air movement is maintained at a desirable speed of about 8 m/min using a proper circulation system, grills, and so on.

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