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Judging Your Requirement For A Swamp Air Cooler


Summer is here and heat is sure to be on its heels. The need for cooling the environment will increase in the coming weeks. This is why getting a  portable swamp cooler might be a great idea for you.

A swamp air cooler is a cooling device that works using an evaporative cooling method. This method allows you to fill the provided tank with water and get cooler air in return. With the advantages which swamp coolers have over regular air conditioners, it is a no-brainer to have one in your home or office.

If you have one or more of the following needs or conditions, it might be best to get a swamp air cooler:

  1. Large living area: If your home is large, you may require more air condition units to keep it cool. However, a large swamp cooler may do the same job for fewer costs. That makes them cost-effective for home use, especially when a large area has to be cooled daily.
  2. Outdoor events: A portable swamp cooler is perfect for an outdoor event where you need cool air for a crowd. Sports events, receptions and weddings, camps, and outdoor games are a few examples of events where you can deploy a swamp cooler. They work perfectly in most weather conditions and will offer more outdoor cooling than air condition units.
  3. A tight/small budget:Yon cannot go wrong with a swamp cooler because they generally cost less than air conditioners in terms of purchase, installation, use, and maintenance. A swamp cooler goes for a couple of hundred dollars or more and may not require any professional servicing for years. It is easy to maintain one; the only thing to do is, keep the unit dust-free and regularly top-up the water.
  4. Dry climate: Swamp coolers work better than air conditioners to increase humidity. If you live somewhere with a dry climate, it is probably best to use a swamp cooler.
  5. Low electricity supply: Because a portable swamp cooler works without a compressor and uses the current ductwork of the home, the electricity consumption is generally low. This is ideal for reducing energy consumption.

In addition to these, we all have a responsibility towards our environment to keep it safe. Swamp coolers are just perfect for the environment as they work without the known harmful chemicals uses as refrigerants in air conditioners.

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