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Key Factors to Consider while Buying a Property


Property buying is not a child’s play. Despite the fact that each real estate property has its own value, investment on an ideal property gives you the desired value in case you are investing for the sole purpose of business returns or you want to sell it off at any later stage once possessing it for personal use. The term ‘property’ itself refers to its huge value proposition and indicates it is an asset acquisition. Buying a property is not like buying a product which may have limited period use, utility or lifetime comparable to a real estate property. Buying a property involves huge sums of money that has to be carefully spent in the first place.

Next, buying a property should be made in such a way that the investment made now should bring you fruitful benefits in your later years with better returns. Property investment is also a savings investment that is expected to ensure a better life for the future. Besides, a thought-out and carefully parked real estate investment will also create a regular, steady and higher rental income for the present and future sustenance for you.

So, when it comes to property buying, you have to be careful and have to bear in mind numerous factors to ensure that you make an informed decision. These factors give you guidelines to make your investment decision wise and the property bought is a good investment.

Some of these important factors are discussed here to give you an insight and let you buy the right property. If you are planning to buy a property in Coimbatore, refer to the Best architect in coimbatore.

Location of the Property

Choosing the right location to buy your property gives you two advantages. A location with better connectivity will give you access benefits such as reachability to educational institutions, learning, recreation and fitness centres, shops and shopping malls, your office or workplaces, government facilities and amenities, banks, atms, bus, railway and airport terminals reducing your time and money to meet out your routine and daily needs, to reach out hospitals during sickness or emergency times, outside travel, etc.,

The next benefit of choosing a low cost location for your  property is saving a huge amount of your money during the property investment itself. The lesser price of the property enables you to use that saved amount to build a house or office building if it is an empty space or renovate or give a facelift if it is a constructed building. In addition to that, you can use or reserve that spared money to create more living space for you with a swimming pool, garden and landscape, and build additional homes or commercial space for renting out and get additional mileage in terms of elegance, comfort, peace of mind and income source. Hire Radvi, best architects near me for the best advice.

Legal Aspects of the Property

The legal side of the property buying is the key to your long-term peace and the safety of your investment. Starting with the title transfer through to the government recognition of the property, everything needs to be perfect in legal matters.

For instance, if you had bought a property from a fake owner, what happens? You don’t really own it even after you have paid the money and bought the property in your name. So, you have to ensure that you are getting the property ownership transferred from the genuine owner and there will not be any legal tangles at any time in the future.

Another thing is that of the land not recognized or approved by the government, or the land or property classified for a different purpose. This will also put to face unnecessary legal consequences for buying the property unawares of the reality. This might also put you face difficulties in getting approval for amenities such as water and electricity connections and also construction approval from the authorities concerned.

Socio-economic Factors of the Region

How the region stands in terms of the socio-economic factors determines the value of the properties in the region. If the area is racially or communally identified with and sensitive for past skirmishes, it is not preferred by both business and home-dwellers. Such a locality is regarded as sensitive and unstable for peaceful living or business purposes.

The demographic factors education and income levels of the people living there influence the locality’s real estate value and demand. Education and income statuses are indicators of the living conditions over there. Better conditions attract potential business investors to set up shop there and home buyers to build homes there. People’s culture determines how much the area or the region can attract industrial, business or housing infrastructure investment into that area. So, as a potential buyer, you have to check these factors before buying a property in an area.

Growth of the Area or Locality

The growth of a locality is more influenced by all-round development of the area which include roads, commercial complexes, government and private offices, transport facilities, parks, street lights, educational and financial institutions, medical facilities, educated public, people’s lifestyles, etc. Increasing amount of people influx and transactions will bring in more and more retail and commercial establishments which eventually make the locality a more livable and attractive destination.

With more branded stores, business houses and housing infrastructures filling the landscape, it gives positive signals that the area is giving a promising start though thinly populated now. If the government is taking measures to construct broad and proper roads, it is understandable that the area is gaining the government’s attention and recognition, and thus countable. Moreover, if leading banks open up branches and ATMs in the area, it can be viewed as signs of development.

You can check for these good and positive indications to invest your money in a particular area either for business or housing or both purposes.

Resale Value Potential

This is another factor you have to seriously consider before buying a property. You have to check the present and future resale value of a property or properties in a specific locality. If you can get it at a fairly low price for a property which has a potential for very resale value in the course of time that you propose to sell it and monetize, then it is a right bet. You can go for it after checking the other favourable factors.

Suitability To Your Purpose 

More importantly, you’ll have to assess all the factors relating to the suitability of the property to your specific purposes. If you are planning to construct your home on the piece of land that you propose to buy, you have to check if it is having all the necessary amenities, calm and serene atmosphere for a decent living, access roads, required government approvals, extra space for expansion of home, or for landscape, garden, swimming pool, extra car parking space, etc.


Having said all that, as efforts to verify all these factors will be a daunting task, you can consult an expert team that is good in the real estate space, and determine if a property that you propose to buy is viable, pocket-friendly, peaceful and a good investment over a long time.

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