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Maltese Real Estates Benefits: Facts You Need To Know


Malta is one of the tiniest island countries of the world and considered one of the few which offers exceptionally lucrative real estate deals. Malta is situated in Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea, one of the preferred places for the rich to spend their holidays.  In recent years the Maltese real estate market has seen a surge in prices due to numerous benefits these properties have to offer and their huge demand. So if you want to invest in real estate going for the Maltese properties is without doubt an excellent idea.

Benefits of the Maltese properties

The best part of buying properties in Malta is that unlike many European countries anyone, whether an EU resident or non-EU resident, can invest in the real estate market of this country. Moreover, other benefits make Maltese real estate on of the most lucrative in Europe.

  • Higher return on investment: whenever you are investing in any property you should look for the return on investment margin that the property has to offer. In the case of Maltese real estate properties, almost all the properties offer a higher return on investment. The main reason behind this is the higher demand for renting throughout the year. Moreover, throughout the year the footfall of tourists is also higher than in any other country in Europe. So the possibility of renting property and fetching a handsome amount of earnings is endless.
  • Location: location is also one of the benefits that makes these properties so lucrative. Most of the properties in Malta are located in Sliema; Valletta; Mellieha; St.Julians; San Pawl tat-Targa; and Madliena which offer great views of the sea and are very close to the center and all major amenities. Also, these places are very well connected with other parts of this island nation.
  • No VAT on the real estate property: in general, buying a property involves paying taxes like VAT. It can eat up a larger part of your money when you buy a property. But in the case of Maltese properties, you don’t have to worry about it. According to Maltese law, there will be no VAT charges at the time of buying any property. Thus it can save a great deal of money for you and makes your investment more cost-effective.
  • Stamp duty: when you buy a property you have to pay some amount in government stamp duty which in some countries can go as high as 15% of the total value of the property. But in Malta the stamp duty is only 5% which makes it easier for the investor and potential buyers to invest in properties without forking out even more money.
  • No wealth tax & flat rental income tax: taxes generally take away a major portion of one’s earning and this is true in the case of the rental income as well. But fortunately, in Malta, the rental tax is capped at 15% which makes it easier to gain higher earnings from renting out property. Moreover, in Malta, you don’t have to worry about the wealth tax payment.
  • Flexible property transfer tax system: last but not least Malta offers flexible property transfer tax rates for different types of ownership. So according to the ownership status, you can easily choose the tax slab. For more information on Maltese properties and rules, you can browse

So if you are thinking of investing in the real estate market you can choose Malta as your preferred country for real estate investment and earn a good amount of return.

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