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Power Washing the Exterior of Your Home in Connecticut 


In Connecticut, there are many companies that do power washing as part of the spring cleaning for your home. Because of the harsh winters in this area of the United States every part of your home can have all types of wearing or damage to the exterior. The winter months of December, January, February, and parts of March in Connecticut have many snowstorms. Snow can accumulate around and on your house and other exterior areas of your property.

Effects of el Nino and la Nina

Winters can vary depending on the effects of el Nino. El Nino brings lots of snow, while la Nina bring winters that are dry. For example, if there is a weak el Nino, slightly more snow will fall than average. But there will always be snow but not so much during la Nina winters.

Spring maintenance

To better protect your home, every spring it is advisable to hire a CT power washing service for your property. These pressure washing services include:

  • Porches, decks and patios
  • Cleaning of exterior buildings
  • Parking areas and driveways
  • Cleaning walkways
  • Removal of gum
  • Cleaning of roof
  • Clean fences

This is necessary

The experts will tell you that this pressure or power washing will greatly extend the life of all your exterior surfaces and can keep your property and home looking and feeling brand new. This is essential to any outdoor surfaces, especially decks, siding and patios for the removal of any debris that in the future can cause enough damage to be replaced.


Once all the dirt and grime is removed, you will be able to see if there are any damages that need to be repaired. This is the best way for spring maintenance of the outside of your home keeping it in fine shape for years to come.


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