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Putting Limestones in the Limelight


Nature can be pretty weird often. However, beauty often emerges from its weirdness. You can include limestones in that list of weird but beautiful things. Limestones are rocks that form from the skeletal fragments of organisms under the sea, like coral, shells of molluscs, etc. As these fragments breakdown from natural decay, the huge pressures under the sea also press them together. Eventually, they form the limestones that you know. A bit morbid if you think about it, but very pretty when you look at it. Because of this beauty, limestones have found their way in several aesthetic applications, most notably limestone pavers.

Timeless Beauty

The combination of years of geological events and countless remains of sea creatures results in various limestones that come in different shapes, sizes, and appearances. Sometimes, you can still see the perfect preservations of some sea creatures in limestones. No other stone or building material can match this. Ancient civilisations realised this uniqueness and used limestones in their constructions as well. The Egyptians used limestone in their pyramids and the Great Sphinx. The Greeks built the Parthenon out of limestone and even set it on a limestone foundation. Fast forward to contemporary times, the appeal of limestone persists from the White House to the Palace of Westminster, all the way to the Taj Mahal. Whether it be for limestone pavers, walls, or pillars, this gorgeous rock has found its way to some of the most important construction feats in human history.

Strength and Durability

Limestones are not just easy on the eyes. They are also hard on strength and durability. The persistence of ancient buildings like the Egyptian pyramids and the Parthenon is a testament to the strength and durability of limestones. Limestones being the choice for some of the most secure buildings in the world like the White House and Pentagon also suggests their strength and durability. Besides taking on sheer forces, limestones can also take the brunt of the environment as they can go against extreme temperatures.

How You Can Incorporate Limestone

Of course, you may not be interested in erecting a pyramid or constructing a historic building in the capital. You may just want a cosy home, and limestones can also be perfect for that use. An elegant way to have this stone in your home is through limestone pavers. You can have them in your patio, your porch, or indoors.  If you have a pool, limestone pavers are excellent materials with which to surround it. Good quality limestone has little pores, so their surfaces are denser and less likely to stain. The minimal porosity also means that resin fillers are unnecessary. They can get wet countless times, and you will not have to worry about cracks. Even when wet, limestone pavers are not slippery, so you also get the benefit of safety.

Moreover, unlike other pavers like travertine, limestone pavers are smoother with no pockmarks, making them easier to clean. Sweeping, mopping, and even vacuuming is a breeze. You will need some resealing now and then, but not as often as with travertine.

Out of all the stones you can consider for building your home, limestone is a no-brainer addition to your list. Its use in construction, whether by ancient civilisations or modern government buildings, is proof of its unparalleled beauty and reliability. Let it line your walkways and naturally decorate your floors. You can make every step a moment.

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