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Small Apartment Interior Designing Tips


Interior designers in Bangalore decorating a small space may feel like a puzzle that you  are unable to solve.  

While you may want to fit a lot of things in one small space,   it should  look organised and neat as well. Often we fail to do so and end up making a smaller  space cluttered and cramped. 

With restricted spaces all around, interior designing poses a challenge for those who have limited spaces and want to achieve more. 

While there is very less that can be done interms of the space available, with some interesting tips and tricks from interior decorators in Bangalore one can increase the scope of utility and storage to a great extent. 

Do not lose heart as it is not such an impossible task to have a area  that is high on style and luxury. Whatever your style might be,  minimalistic or  detailed,  you do not have to compromise on living in style.

Here we share some of the interesting tips that will help you to improve the space that is available to you and  to help tackle some of the challenges that a small  space may possess for you.

 Keep the ground   as clear as possible. You can use the wall for hanging shelves and other floating accessories show that the this is available to you and is more open.

Instead of going for floor lamps, rather go for ceiling lamps or wall lighting. This way you will have the perfect lighting effect and the illusion of more open space.

Go for folding furniture when there are   restrictions. Consider if you really need a dining table for a study table at all times in the house. You can always  install folding table that can be neatly folded back  when not in use. This way you will be able to use the  available  space for different purpose.

If you have one wall kitchen, when installing folding doors or sliding doors is highly beneficial. This can greatly help to conceal all the clutter and offer a more organised look of modular kitchen Bangalore.

Restricted   space does not mean that you go for tones of white only.  you can always play with some bright colours but they should be complementing each other. Darker shades on the wall can be  contrasted with a lighter tone towards the ceiling.

Try and  stick to a colour palette that is limited and remains the same  throughout the house. Do not experiment too much with textured wall finishes or wallpapers when there are space  restrictions.

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Small places may not be blessed with natural light  there are a lot of ways in which you can create  bright light. Installing Mirrors on the wall can help create an illusion of space as well as give it a brighter  look.

If you plan on having a dog in your small  living space,  when we suggest that you go for wall to wall carpet rather than a small one.  A small carpet in the centre will make the room appear more smaller.

When planning the decor, choose a few pieces that create an impact and make a statement. Do not clutters your  space with too many things and you will be able to achieve the right result.

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