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You intend to take a position in floor covering or a part floor covering to melt the design and feel of hardwood floors you’ve got virtually endless choices. Cut pile carpets supply a very soft underfoot feel the last word in luxury wherever the demand is for vogue combined with longevity. Cut pile carpet is perhaps what involves your mind after you 1st consider floor covering. The natural or artificial fibers nylon polyester or wool area unit the foremost common within the carpet area unit cut in order that everyone stands straight up during a tight

Our carpets are created in either cut pile, loop pile or a mix of the 2 designs. The subsequent data can assist you to pick the most effective vogue to fit your wants and make the planning that you simply are once. A cut pile carpet has lots of styles. ITC natural luxury flooring provides the best carpets in all around the world and it also have the variety of stylish carpet and their customers are also satisfied with all their services.

The subsequent info can assist you to pick the most effective vogue to fit your wants and make the design that you simply area unit once.



  • Cut pile


Cut pile cut pile carpets area unit factory-made by cutting the yarns loops that produces associates upright pile that features a lot of luxurious formal look than loop pile.


  • Cut blush pile


 A soft velvet and even upright end with a proper look the pile is brief and slightly twisted can show pursuit from footprints and vacuuming sometimes known as velvet or cloth carpet.


  • Twisted cut pile


A luxurious feel and a sleek rough-textured end. The pile is extremely twisted and lies in numerous directions hardwearing and maintain their end thus ideal for prime foot trafficked areas textured end is a smaller amount doubtless to point out shading.


  • Frieze


A luxurious feel and trendy less formal shaggy look. The long pile lies in numerous directions  providing a deep texture extremely sturdy availablein variations of thick and shiny further as long and short  pile carpets with longer  pile than frieze area unit called shag piles. 


  • Cut pile loop


Cut pile loop of yarn produce a trendy end with a soft sleek feel and may have a variety of distinctive patterns created by a mix of upper and lower loops.


  • Level cut pile loop


 A distinct rough-textured loop end created by an easy loop. Well suited to serious trafficked areas do not show footprints multi-level loop pile a textured end created exploitation loops of assorted heights. 


  • Sisal


A rough –textured loop pile in straight rows. Comes during a form of patterns and texturesloop heights will vary to supply completely different patterns.


  • Combination cut pile


 These carpets have a mix of  cut and whorled yarns and may produce sculptured effects like squares swirls etc. many various patterns will be achieved during a big selection of designs. 

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