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Some of the Roof Styles You Can Choose for Your Property


Most of us never bother about the style of roof until and unless the time comes for either replacing or repairing our roof. However, the style of roof will not only affect the aesthetics of your home, but also can enhance its resale value.

Next time when you have to replace or repair your roof through Roof Repair Insider then you may choose the style of the roof from the following available styles.

  1. Bonnet roof
  2. Butterfly roof
  3. Combination roof
  4. Cross gable roof
  5. Curved roof
  6. Dome roof
  7. Dormer roof
  8. Dutch gable roof
  9. Flat roof
  10. Front gable roof
  11. Gable roof
  12. Gambrel roof
  13. Green roof
  14. Hip roof
  15. Jerkin-head roof
  16. Mansard roof
  17. Pyramid roof
  18. Saltbox roof
  19. Sawtooth roof
  20. Skill-on roof

While replacing your roof next time, you must also consider the experience that you had because of the latest major weather event or if you faced a natural disaster like damage to your roof due to a hailstorm.

Even if you are in the process of buying a new property then you must look for the type of roof you have for the new house you are selecting.

Besides that, you also need to consider a few points where your style of roof will be important criteria to decide.

  • Do you want to install any solar panels or similar other energy-efficient or green features?
  • Do you prefer to have an extra living space or storage area that comes with any costlier style like mansard or gambrel roof, or looking for something more budget-friendly?
  • What is the present style of the existing home?

Your new roof can play a major role to create proper harmony in the surrounding of your home.

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