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The Current Trend of Automatic and Sliding Doors


The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us new ways to lead life. With social distancing and sanitization being a new reality, more and more companies are investing in contactless interactions which have resulted in the popularity of the automatic sliding door.

The automatic door systems are what we call the future of the door manufacturing industry. What makes us think so? Here are the reasons. 

Automatic Doors Market Research Report: An Overview  

The global Automatic Doors Market Research Report, 2020 is a clear indication of a whopping increase in the GDP share of the industry, especially by the market leaders. The report also encapsulates the successful implementation of the market strategies of the leading automatic sliding door manufacturers, imports, cost, and much more. There has been a significant mention of Potter’s Five-Factor Analysis and their roles in making the industry grow at a gallop. 

Automatic Sliding Doors: Regional Overview 

Asia Pacific region has secured an eminent position in the global market share in automatic sliding doors manufacturing industry, which is a result of the investment of these countries on infrastructural development, especially by developing countries like India and China. Similar is the case with North America where the automatic sliding industry is growing significantly day by day due to the government’s investment in the commercial sector. 

The European automatic sliding door markets have also shown a noticeable increase in the market size because of the implementation of energy-efficient programs.

Automatic Sliding Doors: Segmentation 

The automatic sliding doors can be segmented into several types based on product type and application. These doors can be segregated into sliding and bi-parting doors based on the product type. On the other hand, they can be classified as commercial and residential based on application.

Automatische Deuren 24

Automatische Deuren 24 has been able to capture a great deal of automatic sliding door markets throughout the Netherlands. The company is known for its superior quality automatic sliding doors, automatic revolving doors, and electric gates, manufactured with the utmost precision to meet the European safety standards CE and achieve indestructibility. 

Automatische Deuren 24 offers an exotic range of automatic sliding doors that are extremely easy to use, enhances the attractiveness of the place, and backed up the reliability of the Netherlands’ most trusted automatic door manufacturer.

In The End 

Automatic sliding doors will surely take up the future of the doors. Thus, it’s time to discard your conventional doors and contact the professionals to get a sophisticated automatic sliding door.      


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