The Finest Choices for the Best Barn Doors


While the operational characteristics of the structure depend mainly on the material of the canvas, the door lining largely affects the decorative properties. The decoration of various models is as follows:

Enamel is the cheapest and easiest option, the pros of which include the inexhaustible wealth of colors and shades, and the minuses are fragility. If a varnish layer is not applied over the enamel layer, then be prepared for the fact that after several years of operation, the coating will have to be updated on your own. In case of the unique barn doors this is important now.

Varnish – is used to cover wooden structures to emphasize the beauty of the texture of natural wood. In addition, varnish is a mandatory protective layer that protects other coating options from burnout, protects against moisture and other negative factors.

Polyvinyl chloride film – the main advantage of this coating is its excellent resistance to moisture, but it cannot boast of resistance to direct sunlight. An additional bonus is a wealth of colors and shades.

Veneer and eco-veneer – the first option is a completely natural wooden coating that can be used with any door leafs, and the second contains a small percentage of resins. These resins add moisture resistance to the material and make it slightly cheaper. By the way, veneer is the most expensive option for decorating a door.

Laminate is controversial in quality, but quite a budget option, which has been rarely used recently.

Plastic panels – a thin moisture-resistant lining, the main advantage of which is a very affordable price.

The option of finishing the interior door should be chosen based on which room the structure will be installed in. If we are talking about the door to the bathroom, then here in the first place is resistance to high humidity, and if in the bedroom, then insulation.

How to choose the interior door: other important parameters

In addition to the web material, decoration and construction, there are several other important points that you should look at when choosing:

Weight – if for the front door this parameter is better, the larger it is, then for the interior design the opposite is true. It should be easy and open without much effort; you do not protect the bedroom or kitchen from robbers;

Thickness – a thicker door, as a rule, provides better sound insulation, but you should not go too far;

Insulating properties – the sound must suppress the door leading to the bedroom and bathroom, especially if the latter has a washing machine or you like to sing in the shower. Thermal insulation is critical for a balcony door, optional for other rooms;

Moisture resistance – a critical parameter for the door to the kitchen and bathroom, when choosing designs for other rooms you cannot bother with this parameter;

Appearance – it must necessarily correspond to the interior of the rooms. The interior door should not contrast with the furniture, but, on the contrary, create the feeling of a single stylistic solution for all rooms;

Accessories – the choice of hinges for interior doors or handles for them is no less important than the choice of material of the canvas. Accessories must be made in the same style for all interior structures, as well as have a high level of quality. The higher quality, for example, hinges, the longer they will last, and the less the door will creak when opened.


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