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The Safety Standards With the Fire Rated Doors


A fire door is an essential security item to keep your employees safe and to minimize the damage that a fire can cause to your company. The fire door has been mandatory in buildings with more than four floors since 1983 and is also a mandatory item in shopping centers, offices, schools and hospitals.

It is important you look for approved fire rated door supplier in Singapore, make sure that it is within the rules and regulations of the country. Does your project have a fire door? What are the precautions when choosing the fire door? What are the precautions for your installation? Let us take a look.

Why choose a fire door?

The doors fire doors are not common: they are designed specifically to reduce the speed with which the fire spreads through a building, providing time for the people present can escape safely.

These doors not only slow down the spread of a fire through a building, but also reduce the spread of smoke from room to room, which can be as lethal as the fire itself. In addition to saving lives, fire doors are capable of saving a building from irreparable damage.

How are fire doors different from conventional doors?

Fire doors can be manufactured with a solid composition or with a special core with extremely slow burning. There are also fire doors with intumescent tapes around the edges, which seal the doorways when in contact with heat, blocking the spread of hot gases and smoke.

It is necessary to observe the combination between the fire resistance capacity and the place where the door will be installed taking into account the existence or not of an antechamber and the calculation of the building’s risk.

The Standard of the Doors

The technical standard classifies the doors according to the minimum protection time in 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. Doors P-30 and P-60 are indicated for installation in emergency exits with antechambers, P-90 is indicated for installation in interconnections of offices with industrial sites and P-120 is indicated for installation in cases of interconnection of environments that need a 120 minute fire resistance.

  • Not everyone knows what they are for and what fire doors are like. In addition to being mandatory, they must follow the emergency exit standard and must be manufactured by companies certified by agencies linked.
  • However, to ensure effectiveness, PCFs (fire doors) must be in good working order, following the provisions of the Standard.
  • It is important to note that, in residential condominiums, these doors are necessary for the safety of residents. In the event of a fire, they are the ones who keep the fire isolated, preventing it from spreading to other floors.

Fire doors are of fundamental importance in fighting fires. They prevent the spread of flames, make it possible to escape by means of the emergency stairs and facilitate access by the rescuers and the fire brigade.


According to the current legislation, the use of wedges or other obstacles that prevent the free closing of fire doors is strictly forbidden, devices that damage the spring and prevent its closing. “The doors must always remain closed, but never locked, thus making it easier for the entire population to abandon the building in the event of an accident.

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