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The Wallpaper and the Wall Décor


Less expected than painting or tiling, wallpaper is a wall covering that has its place in the bathroom. With many variations, it appears colorful or refined, plain or printed, elegant or atypical, to adapt to all desires. The only concern before installation: ensure good ventilation in the bathroom. In order to orient your choices as well as possible, wallpaper is also to be preferred non-woven or vinyl with waterproof properties so as not to let water or humidity seep in.

A stone wall that throws away

It has no equal in transforming our more or less old interiors by infusing them with a real temper: it is enough to reveal a section of stone wall to completely disrupt the physiognomy of a room. The appearance of this natural material is worked with care.

  • Limed, left raw, or the result of an assembly of different stones, the wall gives pride of place to the stone without distorting it. Overview of the prettiest representations of the genre.

Ideas to customize your staircase with creativity

A place of transition between two floors, the staircase is a pivotal area of ​​the foyer since it punctuates the routes of our days. But when the decoration of the staircase is neglected it seems empty, without real interest. Conversely, by adding a little color and a few accessories, the steps become a full-fledged space in the house or apartment. With a little audacity, they are even an opportunity to give free rein to creativity. Gradient pink, installation of wallpaper, souvenir photos hanging on the wall or railing in wooden battens personalize the interior. As part of the wall decor ideas this is important.

Valentine reveals its color of the year 2020

Rediscover serenity, and make the interior a place of conviviality, this is the objective that the paint brand Valentine has set itself by naming “Douceur de l’Aube” (a delicate green, close to pastel) color of the year 2020. After the warmth of Amber Honey in 2019, this luminous painting calms the moods of our homes, in a sometimes tormented context. It must be said that the color was inspired by the tones that the sky takes at daybreak, naturally offering a feeling of calm and clarity. This almost mint green with water meets the needs of our time. At the dawn of this new decade, it thus makes it possible to break the uniformity of decoration “Douceur de l’Aube” gladly changes in contact with the different colors, from soft pink to ocher to clear greens. In other words, this malleable shade adapts to all atmospheres. We bet that many will not wait until 2020 to adopt it.

How to give style to a white wall?

An ideal playground, the white wall volunteers to give free rein to your ingenious mind. Stimulator of creativity, a white wall lends itself to inventiveness and is offered in free space and open to a permanent or ephemeral decoration. Let yourself be influenced by the decor trends of the moment to embellish your white walls.

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