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Things You Need to Know About Painting Kitchen Cabinets


If you have kitchen cabinets that are outdated and old, but you don’t have the money it would take to replace them – think about painting the cabinets to update them. Painting does wonders on everything and it is the same with kitchen cabinets. But if you are doing this yourself, it can be tiring and time-consuming so you seriously need to think about hiring a professional to do this project for you.

Painting cabinets

The best way to paint cabinets in the kitchen is with:

  • Small roller
  • Paintbrush

Spray painting is still an option but it can be awfully tricky and if you are not a professional painter it is not recommended as a DIY project. To learn more about painting cabinets go to https://callhomestarpainting.com/.

Flat surfaces and space to dry

The key to refinishing cabinets in the kitchen is a flat painting surface. All the drawers and doors need to be removed and the hardware also needs to be removed. Then you will need to find an area that will allow you the room to work – and the space to allow these items to dry for a period that might be extended.


The very 1st rule of repainting cabinets is this – you need to make certain that the cabinets and the doors are all very clean as well as dry. To clean them you will need to use a grease remover that is gentle and a sponge that is damp to wipe them totally clean and let all dry completely. Then after cleaning, you need to use sanding paper to sand down all the surfaces a little – but not enough to sand the current finish completely. Just enough to give the primer some grit to attach to. Then wipe away any dust with a cloth that is slightly damp and then dry again.

Protect areas

Before you start the process of priming and then painting, you need to tape a drop cloth or some other type of protection over countertops and surrounding work areas to protect these areas while painting.

Stop and Think

Perhaps you should think one more time about having a professional do all this work on the cabinets.

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