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Top Tips for Installing Trellis in the Garden


Trellis is a frame, usually lattice shaped, that is used to help support plants that tend to wrap around walls or fences. It can also add character to your garden, divide up spaces, and can hide areas that aren’t as attractive. To install trellis in your garden there are a few ways you could go about it, and this garden decking company shares with us how to add trellis into your garden stress-free.

Get the right tools ready

You’ll need a tape measure, a drill and some screws, hammer, nails and some wooden posts for support on either side. Measure out the space you’d want your trellis to be installed in and it’ll make your job later much easier on you, as you’ll have everything you need at home to begin setting everything up straight away.

When installing the trellis, add an adequate gap

Whether this trellis will be added alongside a wall, or you’re adding some along a fence, then you must keep a gap between the trellis and the nearest surface. This is what the wooden blocks or timber posts will be used for – to apply a gap between the trellis and the wall. In doing this you’re allowing the plants to grow naturally as they wrap around the trellis.

Prepare your space for potential damp

Trellis is made with wood and so you’ll have to keep your space prepped for damp or waterlogged areas if your garden gets a dousing of torrential rain. To keep the damp at bay as best you can, by keeping your wood blocks above 6 inches at minimum so that they can remain dry. This reduces the amount of mould and water damage your trellis could receive over time. 

If necessary, you can add wood treatment to your trellis to strengthen the wood in place. If you’re considering painting the trellis to suit the rest of the garden, look into the best wood-friendly paint that helps with dampness and can protect the longevity of your trellis.

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