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Types of Energy-Efficient Windows and Materials You Should Consider Buying 


Installing a perfect energy-efficient window doesn’t have to wreck your pocket since there are many options available at elite showrooms like fenêtres Inter Québec. You get to choose the type of window and also the material so that your budget doesn’t overshoot. That said, in this guide, we will be talking about the many options for energy-efficient windows and the most popular materials to choose from. Dive in for all the information!

4 Types of Energy-Efficient Windows – Which Ones Should You Buy? 

  1. The Casement and Awning Windows

This amazing energy-efficient window is quite affordable. It has a classy minimalist appearance. It’s energy-efficient in the true sense since it maintains the temperature inside the house. Also, it offers very strong insulation from cold when sealed shut. 

  1. The Bay and Arched Windows

It’s a grandeur window that will cost a little more. But, if your budget allows, it’s one of the best options for big houses. It gives out the appearance of a palace. Usually made by adjoining 3 windows, it protrudes beyond the exterior walls. Not to forget, it’s energy-efficient too. 

  1. The Guillotine Windows

It’s basically a slider window. It’s extremely affordable and equally stunning. It is designed to open horizontally for ease. Besides, it offers insulation: heat doesn’t escape or enter when the window is shut. Hence, in summers, it keeps the house cool. And in winters, it keeps the cold air outside.

  1. The Tilt and Turn Windows

The tilt and turn window is a bit more expensive than the classic casement window. But, if your house is small and you can increase your budget marginally, this could be the IT window for you. 

  1. It offers perfect insulation, better than most other windows. 
  2. It has a very easy-to-operate design. 
  3. It is one of the safest windows in terms of preventing burglary. 

What are the Most Popular Materials for Energy-Efficient Windows?

  1. PVC – It’s a cost-effective option that features adjustable hinges, a shutter angle of 90°, and a multipoint locking system. 
  2. Hybrid – It’s a notch more advanced than PVC. It is corrosion-resistant, features a folding handle, and is equipped with an extra sealing strip. 
  3. Architectural – It can be made into unique shapes and sizes to give your house a unique charm and personality. 

You can also contact sellers at reputable showrooms like InterQuebec to explore the color variety. Besides, the thermally insulated windows at this store are crafted with immense care to offer as much as triple energy efficiency than normal windows. 

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