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  Types of HDB Gates (And Choosing The Right One)


With the arrival of a warm season, we are all in anticipation of changes, making bold plans. However, in order to add fresh colors to your life, it is not necessary to change your place of residence or work.

You can just slightly update the exterior of your home. For example, by installing a modern gate that will meet you at the entrance to the cottage.

Sliding or swinging? Prefabricated or Welded? Aluminum or steel?

Today, the most common entrance fences are two types of sliding and swinging.

The determining criterion when choosing is most often the area of ​​the site: more free space is required to open the swing of most HDB gate, while the sliding gates move along the fence, which means they save the adjacent territorial space.

Having decided on the type of structures, specify which gates the manufacturer offers: prefabricated or welded. The former is, of course, more reliable, due to the absence of welded seams, they are practically not subjected to corrosion, which means they will last longer.

In addition, they are easier to install and repair, a damaged element can be replaced in no time. At the same time, thanks to the hidden fastening elements, as well as the use of special seals, the welded doors look aesthetically pleasing.

Another important detail: material of the gate

If you are offered aluminum structures, order your gates without fear! They, unlike steel ones, do not rust. And taking into account the fact that the entrance gates are subjected to regular rain and open air, this advantage is of particular importance.

The range entrance gates offered by companies include the premium Prestige series, which are a prefabricated aluminum structure resistant to corrosion – the gate looks aesthetically pleasing even after 15 years of operation. Thanks to the high quality of the nodal connections and the use of special components, the structures work without squeaking, jerking and jamming.

How to fill the flaps?

The most common materials for filling entrance gate leaves are aluminum or roller shutter profiles, sandwich panels, and steel profiled sheets. You can often find forged gates.

When choosing a filling material, most homeowners start from the available budget, the general style of the house and personal preferences.

Extruded aluminum profile

This solution cannot be called a budget solution, however, due to the high strength of the profile, the doors will last for more than a dozen years, which provides savings in the long term.

Sandwich panels and roller shutter profiles. Here are the solutions for the middle price segment. These materials are reliable, resistant to wind, high humidity and sun tests.

Steel profiled sheet is one of the most budgetary and, as a result, quite common materials. When installing structures made of profiled sheet on your site, it should be borne in mind that they are unlikely to withstand a strong wind. Moreover, such structures are susceptible to corrosion.

Wrought iron gates

They are considered “classics of the genre” and at the same time come at a very high price. Such structures weigh a lot, so opening and closing them manually is a tough task. In addition, for the classic wrought-iron gates, the adjoining territory is clearly visible, which might not suit every owner.

When operating in high humidity conditions, there is a high probability of corrosion on the structural elements of the gate.


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