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Washing Machines and Your Choices



Designed for washing clothes, a washing machine takes the place of humans by doing all the laundry that was supposed to be done by hand. No matter what type of fabric it is, the most advanced washing machine models will remove the most stuck-on stains. Here are the information about Best washing machines now.

Top or window?

This is the first question to be answered, which depends as much on your taste as on the location you have for the device. The advantage of top washing machines (top loading) is their width: approximately 40 to 45 cm, compared to 60 cm for machines with a window. However, sufficient space must then be provided to lift the cover (count up to 130 cm depending on the model). No question of using the top of the machine as a work surface.

The larger front machines are easier to load and can fit harmoniously into a kitchen or bathroom set. They can also support a front load dryer.

Drum capacity

Manufacturers seem to have launched into a bidding up: They offer models with increasingly large capacity, 8 or 9 kg becoming commonplace, even if top machines rarely exceed 5 or 6 kg. It is true that the higher the capacity announced, the lower the consumption of a machine per kilo of laundry, which allows a more favorable Energy label to be displayed.

Today, given the competition and the diversity of manufacturers, several models of washing machines are available to users and their choices necessarily go through the scrupulous study of certain criteria. These criteria are certainly important, but knowing how to use a washing machine correctly should not also be neglected. Go for the Best washing machines in India now.

What is the role of a washing machine?

Originally intended for washing dirty clothes, the new versions of washing machines have been significantly improved for cleaning all kinds of objects. Thus, it is with great astonishment for some that washing machines intervene in the cleaning of synthetic products such as shoes, toys, curtains, etc. In short, these machines are no longer limited to only doing laundry, but much more. Also, just by considering programming, all the work can be done without any human intervention.

Washing machine user guide

To fully enjoy the use of your washing machine, you must above all avoid overloading it and ensure that the fabrics can redouble their shine. It is important to respect the maximum capacity of the washing machine, depending on the type of laundry.

The dosage of the detergent: it depends on many criteria such as the degree of soiling, the hardness of the water and the quantity to be washed. The amount of detergent is variable, but the dosage must be done in a balanced manner so as to avoid impacts of any kind on the skin of the user, the machine, but also the laundry.

What products should I use? It is generally used two products; the first for a liquid detergent is dedicated for colored textiles and the second for a powder detergent is intended to preserve the whiteness of the textiles.

The cold wash function: this program can be found on almost all washing machines. They have the advantage of preserving the quality of the fibers as much as possible and are very economical in energy consumption.

The main criteria for choosing a washing machine

The loading capacity: this is a criterion which depends on the volume of the drum and can vary between 5 and 12 kg, sometimes reaching 15 kg. It is a criterion which is mainly linked to the number of people in the family. The larger the family, the more consistent the desired capacity must be. Machines with a large loading capacity are more economical than those with a lower capacity because they can do the job in one operation.

Washing efficiency: this criterion makes it possible to evaluate the limits of execution of the tasks of the machine. On the first models, it was just a question of washing simply soiled clothes, whereas today, with the high-end models, even blood stains can be easily removed with the “difficult tasks” program.

Spin efficiency: depending on the spin quality, this criterion is evaluated on a scale from A to G. A for the best spin rating and G for the poor rating. Therefore, the better the spin capacity, the faster the laundry dries and this operation does not damage the laundry.

The energy class: this criterion represents the energy consumption of the machine. There are thus 3 energy classes on the market, including A +, A ++ and A +++. The same label is used for washing class and drying class.

The washing programs: there are at least 4 programs, but the most complete washing machines have up to 16 programs and everything will be determined by the adjustment parameters. For machine models using automatic management, depending on the textile to be washed, an adaptation is made.

Secondary criteria for choosing a washing machine

The above criteria are not enough to enlighten potential buyers of the washing machine. Other criteria which also come into play deserve to be addressed.

The types of washing machine: they depend on the loading of the machine. For the front washing machine, the window is in front of the machine and 3 different categories are available for the front washing machine. In addition to the latter, we can see the washing machine above where the laundry is loaded at the top.

The type of motor: there are mainly two of them, including phase shift capacitor motors and direct current motors.

The dimensions of the machine: there are two very different measures in terms of width: 40 and 60 cm. The same in terms of height: 85 and 90 cm. On the other hand, in terms of depth, there is a variation of 45 to 65 cm.

The weight of the washing machine: washing machines are known to be heavy unless they are plastic models of reasonable weight.

The sound level: this criterion varies according to the brands and can range from 40 dB to 80 dB.

Security systems: several systems are available and we can mention, among others, the anti-overflow system, the anti-leak system, the anti-unbalance system and the anti-foam system.

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