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What Are the Different Types of Residential Hot Water Systems?


Today, you’ll be amazed at the wide range available in the market when selecting a hot water system. Besides the size, you have to think about the type of hot water system that suits your needs. Choose a gas-based hot water system or one that works on electricity. If you are eco-conscious and looking at long-term benefits, you may want to check out a solar-powered hot water system, too. 

Many companies like same day hot water service offer instant service, in case you are in a hurry. Such companies also provide instantaneous hot water systems, where you can draw the exact amount of hot water you need and avoid unnecessary wastage. 

What Size Should You Go For?

Again, there are hot water systems to suit each budget and specific requirement. You’ll need to consider all the types available in the market before making a decision. 

Storage Hot Water Systems

The advantage of storage hot water systems is that you can choose the size according to the number of people in your household. The sizes range from 170 litres to 315 litres, giving you a wide choice. Selecting the right size helps save on your electricity bills, and you also save time. The advantage with these storage hot water systems is that you can get immediate service done, thanks to companies like same-day hot water service specialising in same-day installation and excellent after-sales service. 

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous or continuous flow hot water set up is very convenient, and you can draw as much hot water as required and avoid unnecessary wastage. Moreover, there’s hardly any waiting time (for the water to get heated) as the water gets heated instantly as it flows from the tap. 

Size of the instantaneous hot water system will depend on the number of hot water outlets you have in your home. Its size is directly proportional to the number of outlets you have or plan to have. 

Solar Hot Water Systems

As mentioned earlier, if you are an eco-conscious person and also want to save on your power bills in the long run, you should go for a solar hot water system that comes in different sizes. A solar hot water system may appear to be expensive initially; however, it invariably pays for itself by saving on energy bills in the long run. This hot water system is suitable for large families. 

A significant advantage is that you have a steady supply of hot water around-the-clock. Here again, the size of the solar hot water system depends on the number of people in the household. 

Some Pointers to keep in Mind

  • The average water requirement per person per day is approx 49 litres.
  • The storage system has to match the family requirements (number of people).
  • Any mismatch in size will lead to unnecessary waste of money on energy bills, and the waiting time is longer. 
  • The size of a continuous flow hot water system depends on the number of outlets it caters to. 

Summing it Up

Before buying a hot water system, it is advisable to ask yourself some questions, like the number of people in the household, the approx quantity of water to be heated daily, how much hot water you need for your dishwasher (if there is one), etc. Any mismatch in size can only lead to a waste of money and time.

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