What Aspects Make an Architect Good?


Architectural design goes beyond just drawing lines on paper or getting acquainted with a computer program. It is a skill in itself that flourishes through years and years of schooling and on the job experience as well. But, it is not a cup of tea for everyone to work in the architectural design services. Many people get skilled and make their way from the architecture institution and when they are finally done with the education, they are still lacking the knack for the work. So, what makes an architect a good one in his field? What does this ‘knack’ appear like? Here is what the Stendel Reich distribution center architects have to say about the same.

Qualities of a good architect

To thrive in any career is ascertained by a number of factors but usually it is ascertained by a certain personality traits that align with the skills needed for the given job. When considering architectural design, here are the traits you should focus on:

  1. Creativity

Architecture is a form of art which is as tantamount as it is to science. A good architect has a knack for thinking outside the box to create innovative and appealing building designs. But they must always stay grounded enough to learn and understand that their latest ideas may not be approved to be a practical building solution. a good architecture firm showcases harmony among their architects to create innovation and practicality in a balanced way.

  1. Perfectionist

Architects need to understand that whatever they deliver will have an effect on countless people for years and years to come. It could be someone’s home or a small office that helps in making someone’s ends meet. They must also understand that they have a huge hand in making sure the structural integrity of the building in the long run and hence, the safety of its residents. A good architect must be a perfectionist in all aspects of life.

  1. Curious

A good architect should want to know every aspect and element involved in any given project. They must ask questions constantly, interact with the seniors, finding feedback and overall interacting on a constant basis to ensure that they get their project right. A good architect is always communicative, is client centric throughout the entire construction process.

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