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What Is the Best AC Temperature for Peaceful Sleep at Night?


The optimal temperature of the air conditioner lets you sleep like a baby at night. Ideally, setting a slightly higher temperature at night than that in the day will be the best to get a peaceful sleep. There are many reasons why you should set a higher temperature, and this article will talk about these reasons in detail.

The air conditioner is a blessing only if it is functioning properly. You may face few issues with your air conditioner like foul smell, burning smell, recurrent noises, etc from the air conditioner unit. If you observe these issues in the air conditioner unit, you must get it checked by some experts.

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What is the ideal temperature at night? 

Even if we consider the hottest days in summers, the nights would be relatively cooler than the days. A decrease in the outdoor temperature would lead to a decrease in the inner temperature of your home. This means, your air conditioner can relax a bit at night because relatively less cooling is required at night than during the days.

Thus, it is recommended to set a bit higher temperature in the day.

Another reason for setting a higher temperature at night is the body heat. While the body is in constant movement in the days, at night, the temperature falls as the body cools down because it is in a resting phase. This makes you need a blanket at the night. This fall in the body temperature must be taken into account while setting the temperature on the aircon.

If you set a very low temperature on the air conditioner at night because of the initial hotness, you will wake up in the middle of the night to readjust the temperature. This results in the breakdown of the sleep cycle and makes you sleep deprived. Lack of sleep can lead to multiple anomalies including lack of concentration, gaining weight in women, etc.

It is also noticed that cold air is generally dry. Warm air is humid which is considered good for the skin and body respiration. If your air conditioner is emitting dry air, you will wake up dry-mouthed and thirsty in the middle of the night. A dry mouth and nose is a sign that you need to adjust the temperature setting of your air conditioner.

Dry air can also cause dehydration, which can cause various complex conditions in the body. You may become susceptible to more viruses, bacteria and microorganisms when you are exposed to dry air.


Your body is not aligned for extreme temperatures. Ideally, you must set the temperature of your air conditioner at 25 degrees centigrade. This way, you would not be waking up in the middle of the night.

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