What Size Water Heater Do I Need?


Homeowners rely on water heating systems to ensure that they can have hot water at all times. Water heaters are essential for many people’s everyday lives, making it necessary to get the right heater for a particular household. Knowing the water heater’s size is vital to ensure that the house will have the right amount of hot water.

There are different types of water heaters that homeowners can choose from, including storage tank water heaters, tankless water heaters, and solar water heating systems. These heating systems have their respective advantages, disadvantages, price points, and sizing requirements. Choosing the right heater can make a significant difference in a household’s hot water demands.

Storage tank water heaters are one of the most common water heating systems used by homeowners. Such heaters have an insulated tank that stores the hot water until people need to use them. The tank water heater has low upfront costs and is suitable for larger households. Homeowners can choose between an electric and gas model.

The tankless water heater is newer and typically more expensive upfront than the storage tank water heater. Though costly at first, the tankless water heater is more energy-efficient in the long run. Homeowners can use either gas or electric heaters to produce hot water on demand, albeit in limited amounts per minute. The flow rate and the temperature rise must be determined to size this heater.

Solar water heating systems include a storage tank and a solar collector. There are two types of solar water heating systems, the active and passive solar water heating systems, and the former uses circulating pumps and controls while the latter does not. A professional is needed to size this heating system.

Trusting in professional plumbers for residential water heater repair bethel park pa can help homeowners to have the water heater they need. Should a trenchless sewer line repair service be required, professionals can also help people with the problem. For more information on water heaters, see this article by Mr. Rooter.

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