What Are Barndominiums and Why Are They in Demand?


For decades, U.S. farms have included huge barns that house everything from animals to equipment. Barns are considered “pole buildings” because they include poles that hold up the roof, instead of interior walls. The building style is also known as post-frame construction. In recent years, it has been used to construct custom homes. These unique houses have been dubbed “Barndominiums,” and are often nicknamed “Barndos.” They feature ultra-roomy interiors and exteriors made of rugged metal. House hunters are drawn to the charming design and like the fact that homes go up more quickly than conventionally built structures.

Houses Are Exceptionally Durable

Post-frame homes are popping up everywhere, but are especially widespread in rural areas. Owners like the fact that the steel buildings can withstand all types of weather. Structures are impact-resistant and low maintenance. Homes are impervious to problems like moisture damage, rot, or mold that can destroy houses made of conventional materials. Materials are also fire, corrosion, and insect resistant.

Contractors Can Build Homes Quickly

Many homeowners who want to avoid the long process of building a new home opt for pole building construction. When owners choose metal frame designs, contractors can build homes less time than they would need for conventional structures. The time it takes depends on factors such as the complexity of the plan. Some projects are straightforward, while others include elaborate features like stone fireplaces, stairways, and lofts. However, experienced post-frame builders can often construct a simple home in two weeks.

Barndos Have Spacious Interiors

Just as original barns were created with roomy interiors, homes based on their design include large open areas. There are no walls to take up space, which gives homeowners almost unlimited decorating options. Many people add partitions that define various rooms. If they decide to change their decorating scheme, it is straightforward to alter interior features. The huge spaces attract buyers who want multi-purpose homes. Many use part of their post-frame houses for living space and the rest for offices or studios.

Contractors Can Renovate Existing Structures

Not all homeowners build brand-new post-frame homes. Some renovate current barns. Contractors can work with existing buildings and, with some alterations, turn agricultural workspaces into spacious, elegant homes. There are areas where properties have several barns that investors have bought and transformed into communities of pole-barn homes. It is not difficult for contractors to update barns by adding features like energy-efficient windows, hot tubs, stained concrete floors, and HVAC systems.

Houses Are Eco-Friendly

Barndo contractors typically use environmentally materials, which means that owners reduce their short and long-term carbon footprints. Homes are exceptionally well insulated, and the metal frames help sustain a comfortable indoor environment. Post-frame homes are also budget-friendly. Homeowners not only spend less to build houses, but they also enjoy reduced heating and cooling costs.

Barndos, or post-frame construction homes, are becoming popular among house hunters who like their unique designs. Homes include roomy interiors and rugged exteriors. They are durable, eco-friendly, and often quicker to build than traditional houses. Owners can either build new barndos or renovate existing barns.



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