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What to look for in the best portable AC?


Looking for a perfect portable AC for your home, but not sure which one to go with? Worry not, that’s completely normal. Finding the best portable AC for yourself in this vast market is just as difficult as looking for pinpricks in the vast ocean.

However, by properly aligning your requirements with your budget, things might get a lot easier. And for this, you need to first enlist everything that needs to be considered before buying the best portable AC for yourself.

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of any appliance is certainly one of the most important factors that indicate its performance. Not only does it describe the AC’s cooling effectiveness, but it also signifies the impact that the portable AC would have on your electricity bills.

Thus, before buying any portable AC look for the Energy Star certificate. The higher the number of stars more efficient is the AC.

Ease of Installation

Portable air conditioners are basically of two types- Dual hose or Single hose.

Being portable, the installation process of the AC unit is not quite troublesome. However, you might face issues while installing the window kit.

Try to go with the portable AC with a proper and clear DIY user manual and easy window kit installation for more convenience.

Noise Level

No one likes a noisy AC. The irritating sounds that ACs dissipate disturb you in focus-demanding tasks as well as in your sound sleeps. 

So, check the dB ratings of the portable AC that you are buying. Do not exceed 50 dB in any case. ACs with rating less than 35 dB is perfectly fine.


Warranty is one of the major factors of any product. Keeping in mind the sensitive mechanism of electronic items like portable ACs, warranty lays a major role in your purchase. Try to go with options having at least a 3-5 year warranty life of parts.

Smart Controls

With the advancement of technology, smart controls in AC are one of the newest arrivals in the feature list of portable ACs. 

Through this feature, you can control the AC from your smartphones. You can even connect them with your Alexa and Google Assistant devices for convenience like never before.

Going with an AC that comprises this particular ability and still fits in your budget range, is certainly a good idea.

Final Words

So, these were the major factors that you need to consider before buying the ideal portable AC that fits all your needs. We hope you could find this article helpful. 

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