When Is It Time To Get A New Door Installed?


There are times when anyone knows that it’s time to get a new door installed. Break-ins can leave a door badly damaged to the point that it must be replaced. Fires and natural disasters can also result in the requirement for a new door, but not all indicators are that obvious. Some can be a little subtler. Here are a few of them:

Opening the door takes some strength. If a door doesn’t close or open properly and people feel like they really have to fiddle with the door to get it open, then it might be a sign that the door is damaged in some way and needs to be replaced.

Is it towel time? No, this isn’t about good hygiene! If anyone has to end up stuffing a towel under their door to keep the cold out, then it’s almost certainly time to consider a new door!

The door looks like it’s taken a beating over the years.If a door in a person’s home looks dinged, rusty, and overall damaged, then it might be good to consider replacing the door, even if it’s just on an aesthetic level. It’s also wise to realize that doors that have taken a beating over the years may also not just look bad, they might genuinely be in bad condition.

Is the door warped or cracked?Regardless of what the door is made of, it should never be warped or have visible cracks running across it. This is almost always evidence that the door, itself, is compromised. Warps prevent it from closing properly, and that means heat loss. If there are cracks in the door, then air is getting into it and again, that means that heat is passing through the door.

The hinges never stop complaining. If a door’s hinges are always squeaking every time it’s opened or closed, then it could indicate that the door is no longer sound and might need to be replaced.

The window in the door is compromised. Seeing a bit of condensation on a window is normal, but only if one can put their finger across it and leave a mark. If a window in a door has condensation that is on the inside of it, then it means that it’s no longer sealed. If a window is compromised in that way, then it’s leaking heat outdoors. In these circumstances, the entire door may need to be replaced.

The floor is starting to take damage. If the floor is starting to like an artist’s impression of a fan, then it’s time to take notice. As doors get older and they become structurally unsound, they being to sag. Once that happens they start to brush against the floor more and more until they leave impressions on it. If this is happening, then call up a door replacement company right away!

If any of these things are occurring at home, then it’s time to know that it just might be time to call in the experts and see if it’s time to replace that door!

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