Interlocking Stone: Tough and Cost-Effective


Nowadays, interlocking stones have gained popularity, making them one of the commonly used material by landscapers and designers, for commercials as well as residential properties. With the main question being, “What is the key reason that has gained them this popularity?” Well, there are many reasons for this. First of all, they come in many designs and style, giving you as a designer many options to choose from. Secondly, they are robust and long-lasting, not forgetting their slip-resistant effect making them ideal for use in areas with high traffic.

The interlocking stones comes in many different textures, designs, and even colors; making them ideal for custom and personalized looks. The combination of all these or some of the shapes and colors give some of the most popular themes like;

  • Old World
  • Mediterranean
  • Modern, or even

Unleash your creativity by blending these themes and designs, giving your home, offices, rentals, etc. a flawless look.

Why should you use the interlocking stones/pavers?

Here are some of the factors that make interlocking pavers a plus to you, far from bringing out the best to your home or offices. These are;

  • They are easy to install
  • Readily replaceable whenever you need to
  • They are cost-effective, especially when it comes to their maintenance
  • You don’t have to worry about their cracking as they can absorb loads of weight and water, without chipping or cracking
  • As pointed out earlier, they possess a slip-resistant effect, giving you peace of mind with the assurance that you are free from the “slip-and-fall” accidents
  • They are durable and reliable⎯ by this; they can withstand extreme conditions such as rapid temperature changes; for instance, freezing or generally, extreme cold.
  • They aid in lowering the necessity for drainage gutters, pipes, and curb systems
  • They stabilize formerly loose soil/grounds, making areas such as parking lots or driveways more attractive – particularly when plantsareimplanted in their hollow centers.

Some Applications of the Interlocking Stones; Both Commercial and Residential

  • Shopping Malls

The use of interlocking pavers in the shopping malls not only makes it more attractive but also enhances its safety. Due to their durability and the capacity to hold lots of weight, you can be assured they will serve you for a long time.

  • Parking Areas

Especially for thecommercial parking lots, to withstand heavy loads, you need to have a firm base,which makes the interlocking bricks/stones the best to use. See the illustration.

  • Walkways

You can ensure that your sidewalks are safe; free from the sliding by fixing them with the slip-resistant interlocking walkway bricks.

  • Patios

You can enhance the beauty of your patio with the use of patio interlocking stones/pavers. Since they come in different colors and design, the choice is yours, go for the one that suits you.

Other applications could be on;

  • Driveways
  • Loading decks
  • Streets
  • Pool decks, etc.

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