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When should I replace my door?



Home maintenance is essential and everyone agrees, but when it comes to the parts of the house that actually receive maintenance, doors are usually not on the list. With the exception of doors like glass doors that actually show signs of dirt or lack of maintenance, most doors are ignored until there’s obvious damage. Unfortunately, when that happens, it is usually a little too late to salvage the situation. In order to avoid expensive repairs to your door and walls, it is best to know when to get a door replacement. Here are a few warning signs to look for in your door.

1. One too many repairs

There are minor issues that occur with your door and you fix them quickly. And there are some issues that call for a door repair. But at what point do you throw in the towel and get a door replacement? The answer is after one too many repairs. Before you start searching for the next hack or DIY trick to hold your door together, start planning for a door replacement to avoid a worst case scenario when your door gets damaged beyond repair and you are left in a fix. 

2. Wear and Tear

The material of your door and its frame are susceptible to wear and tear. Discovering when and where the stress of use starts showing on your door is difficult, but the moment it gets obvious enough that you notice it, get a door replacement.  

3. Years of Use

After long periods of use, your door begins to show signs of aging. The hinges may begin to creak and the material falls apart slowly. To avoid the end result of a door that is entirely non-functional, save yourself time and stress by getting a door replacement. If your door has been a part of the house for over ten years, it is time to consider a replacement for it.

4. Damaged Hinges and Bolts

Hinges and bolts that hold your door frame together are essential to the security of your home. When any of these components are damaged, it is a security risk and the best way to prevent further damage is to get a door replacement. 

5. Weather Changes

Factors like weather and harsh seasons can affect your door’s quality and as it gets worse for wear, it may not serve its functional and aesthetic purposes as well. Avoid additional costs of making up for heating when your door loses its energy-efficiency, simply get a door replacement and enjoy the benefits of a new and better door. 

When you spot any of these, reach out to a local windows and doors contractor to get a door replacement and avoid costs of repair and additional damages. 

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