Who Needs A Steel Roof?


The truth is that most people will probably never even think of putting a steel roof on their house, but they should! There are, of course, homes that don’t need one, but there are many more that need it than most people might think. Here are a few reasons why a home might need a metal roof:

First, a metal roof ensures the virtual elimination of the need for a replacement. These tough, protective roofs can last as long as a house does, if properly installed. Besides the longevity of a metal roof, it also offers protection against the elements. This is why a metal roof should be considered in places where inclement weather is a common occurrence. Areas where hurricanes or major snowstorms are commonplace are also areas where shingle roofs stand to take damage over time. Missing shingles and damaged roofs are commonplace in states and provinces where strong weather tends to hit every year. A steel roof is incredibly resilient against such weather, preventing damage not just to the attic, but to the rest of the house, as well.

Water is one of the biggest enemies that a roof can have, and once it’s found its way in, can lead to enough damage that it might end up needing to be replaced. The best way to prevent the penetration of water into a roof is to make it an impossibility. A steel roof comes in as a great foil to water, preventing it from ever being able to take hold in an attic and create mold, or worse, rot the timbers of the roof, itself.

Although, usually not something that most people will have to deal with, fire can also be a hazard, especially in places that tend to be very dry in the summer. A traditional roof is incredibly susceptible to fire, but a steel one is quite resistant to it.

One of the chief reasons for getting a metal roof, though is for people living in places where there are a lot of evergreen trees. Evergreens tend to shed their needles and a good deal of them around a house can quickly coat a roof in them. Once they start to build up, they will start to eat away at the shingles of a house and eventually begin to penetrate into the wood, as well. This slow process can result in the need to replace an entire roof. At the very least, the presence of these trees means that a roof will need to be cleaned regularly. With a metal roof, those needles will never do that kind of damage and there won’t be any need for repairs.

Other issues like mold, mildew, and insects are never a problem with a metal roof and snow slides right off of them!

So, there are many reasons to get a metal roof that many people may have never even thought of. It’s always a good idea to keep this in mind when looking to replace a traditional roof!

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