Why Are People Converting Their Basements Into An Office?


The idea of a traditional job where people go to an office somewhere in the city, work nine-to-five, and then return home at the end of a long day is still the most common form of employment out there. What has been appearing lately, though, and is increasing rapidly in numbers is the self-employed individual. This increase in self-employment has given rise to the appearance of the home office, so why are people choosing to finish their basements as a home office rather than simply using a bedroom upstairs?

There are still some people who do convert a bedroom of the house into an office, but that isn’t always to their advantage. The first reason why not everyone converts a bedroom is that sometimes they don’t have a spare one to use. In those cases, forcing one of the kids out of their room and into another’s can lead to resentment towards the self-employed person. The other reason why people don’t use a bedroom for an office is that it usually means that they’re going to be around greater activity in the home.

This is why many who are self-employed don’t have offices on the first floor, either. This was a fad for many years, but having an office nook in a kitchen or living room has led to many workers experiencing many distractions, such as people cooking, watching television, playing games, etc. Being on the first floor also means that children and spouses are more likely to feel that it’s okay to disturb the person trying to work.

As a result of these distractions and inconveniences, freelancers have had to look elsewhere in their homes for a place to work. It’s the basement that has become their choice for a home office, and for good reason. The main advantage of converting their basement into a home office is that it removes them from the hubbub of the rest of the house. This means that they can have a quiet place to work and they can work without the distraction of a T.V. blaring or pots and pans clanging.

A basement office also affords them that additional bit of distance from the rest of the family, who are more likely to pause and think about disturbing the freelancer as opposed to when they’re only feet away. This also leads to the person being more focused on their work and they can get more done when removed from everyone else in the home.

Another major reason for a separate office in the basement is it allows a self-employed person to entertain clients in a more professional atmosphere. In some cases, the freelancer will actually create a separate entrance to the basement to give their office that extra flare for when clients stop in.

The advantages of having a basement office have resulted in many people taking that option because it allows them the freedom of having an office without losing their access to home and family!

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