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Why You Must Select Electric Water Heater Over Gas Water Heater?


Hot water is mandatory when washing your face or taking a shower can be very pleasant, especially if it is in winter or if you live in colder cities. To have warm water at home, you need a good water heater. It turns out that a lot of people have doubts when they go to buy a heater. After all, there are several points for you to take into account. Want to choose a good quality water heater? Contact with All Water Products service.

To help you, we will explain each type of water heater. Check out:

Let’s start with the electric water heater

The electric water heater can be used on taps or showers by means of electricity. Here, they can also be transit or accumulation. What you need to be aware of is that these models will increase your home’s energy consumption. So put this to be part of the family budget.

Electric passage heater:

It is the most common type, and you find this heater installed in electric showers and taps, for example. Hot water piping is not necessary in these heaters: this means that installation is more practical and you will find models with a lower price than many gas heaters.

Electric storage heater:

This is known as boilers. It looks like accumulation gas heaters (like big cylinders). Electric heaters inside the heater heat the water quickly. By the quantity, the electric storage heater is capable of offering hot water to several points.

One of the boiler’s advantages is that this type of water heater has good control of the volume and temperature of the water. As you know, in the case of the electric shower, it is necessary to control the opening of the shower to increase or decrease the water temperature.

Another positive point of the electric accumulation heater is the diversity of models. You can find both horizontal and vertical boilers, facilitating their installation, according to the space available, be it a house or even buildings.

Regarding the installation cost, a larger investment is needed to install the boiler, if you compare it with the electric shower. But in the long run, it may be worth it, since the electricity used for its operation is less. And it never hurts to remember this: just like any electric water heater, watch your energy consumption. As the accumulation heater works all the time to keep the water warm, this means greater energy consumption in your home.


If you think about saving electricity for your home, then the best option will be electricity saving water heater. There are two types of water heater, with tank and without tank. If you need to choose State Condensing Tankless Water Heater, talk to the professional about it.  So, don’t forget to check these two very important tanks.  On gas heater models, check if the model has the Conpet Seal. If it is the Conpet A Seal, it will guarantee more savings. In electric heaters, see if it offers the Procel Seal, and here it works the same way: with the Procel Seal, the more economical it will be. After all, saving at the end of the month is always welcome, right?

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