Why You Should Get Your Garden Done During the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has generated many negative effects on people’s daily lives. Nothing seems to be the same way it was before. The governments are asking us to stay at home, practice social distance and wash our hands. Many have lost their job and their financial stability, while others are dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety.

As the world stops, nature begins to flourish in a surprising way for many of us. The sky is clearer so now we can observe the stars more easily. Many animals around the world are coming out from their natural environments and strolling through our cities. There is also an unusual rise of gardening-related searches online. People seem to be paying more attention to nature and wishing to have a stunning backyard.

Australia has a wide range of climates which allows a diverse flora to bloom, which decorate the most beautiful gardens you can imagine. For instance, there are families that have decided to turn their homes into a place to fully enjoy nature. Marlene O’Rielley and Grant Mayfield’s garden in Queensland is the perfect example of how a beautiful garden can turn a property into a total oasis. After watching the images of the Montville Macadamery [https://www.homestolove.com.au/an-old-macadamia-farm-redesigned-into-a-tropical-garden-5228] , you will probably start to think about garden makeover ideas for your own backyard.

Scientists have established an important relationship between psychological health and experiencing nature. According to the BBC, even 10 minutes of feeling the wind and the sun in your face can diminish stress. Immerse ourselves in beautiful landscapes can make us feel more intense emotions as well. A specialist from Stanford university is using the evidence on the benefits of nature to help governments create policies to integrate natural environments into cities. And what a better way to integrate nature in our lives than getting our garden done?

Starting a garden from scratch can be hard work for most people. Then, maybe you would prefer contacting a landscape designer for creating a personalized oasis for you. The possibilities for enhancing your garden are almost endless. Just check the garden of this Australian family. They achieved to transform a 19,5 x 15 meter backyard into a bright and peaceful garden [https://www.homestolove.com.au/family-garden-revamp-melbourne-6256] with a swimming pooland Gleditsia trees, a perfect plant for providing shadow, but also allowing light into the garden.

Having your garden done during the pandemic will not only provide you with a beautiful place to spend the day in contact with nature but will also raise the value of your property. So, contact a landscape professional and revamp your garden before the warm season returns.


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